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25/09/2023 - 02/10/2023
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Posted September 21, 2023
Posted by: Patrick

Hi everyone,

The following changes were made to Elidinis in the past three months.


Patch notes:

  • Fixed shops not selling items.
  • Rewrote Ranged combat.
  • Cleaned up old combat code.
  • Rewrote auto casting.
  • Fixed defensive auto cast.
  • Fixed combat not resetting when canceling auto cast.
  • Fixed Melee attack distance, it’s always one distance unless it’s a halberd.
  • Fixed Minigame teleports tab.
  • Fixed not being able to select achievements from the misc tab.
  • You can now create a masori assembler max cape and a masori assembler, you need a masori crafting kit.
  • Changed npc decoding to 15 bits just like OSRS.
  • Fixed combat dummy granting combat experience.
  • Changed member ranks.
  • Rewrote skill logic for handling packets.
  • Fixed on login and on logout plugins.
  • Updated the Crystal key chest and the Larran’s chest.
  • Friends and ignores are now in the same side-tab.
  • Fixed Larran’s keys not properly showing on the drop interface.
  • Fixed Larran’s keys not being locked to slayer task.
  • Fixed fortune ticket removing the entire stack instead of just one ticket.
  • Fixed bonus lectern saying wilderness level even though it’s no longer in the wilderness.
  • Fixed gem bag options being reversed.
  • Fixed essence pouch.
  • Gem and Herb sacks can now be opened and have their functionality added.
  • Fixed all mystery items not shouting rare drops.
  • Fixed a issue where people were not properly removed from the raid party on logout.
  • Fixed impling loot.
  • Fixed instances using regions instead of boundaries.
  • Fixed drop tables of automic spirits and blood spirits.
  • Fixed amulet of blood fury effect.
  • Fixed Barbarian agility course.
  • Fixed Varrock course clothing line obstacle.
  • Fixed Ballista spec bar.
  • Fixed bones on wildy altar.
  • Fixed misc achievement cutting off in the list.
  • Added bankers in Edgevile.
  • Fixed assassin not taking the blood money from your inv.
  • Fixed split private chat button.
  • Fixed players from entering the treasure room when verzik is alive.
  • Fixed unequipping staves not resetting auto cast.
  • Fixed item replacement for equipment.
  • Fixed single+ logic when fighting bosses.
  • Fixed giant mole col log.
  • Fixed rev hobgoblin drop table.
  • Fixed missing support rank in the staff colors.
  • Fixed barriers at member zones.
  • Fixed NPC spawns in Falador and Asgarnian ice dungeon.
  • Added missing steps leading to the Wyverns at the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon.
  • Fixed rune pouch not being able to withdraw.
  • Fixed tripple jads in the Inferno.
  • Fixed Cerberus not spawning the ghosts.
  • Fixed trading post currency icons.
  • Fixed recent sold item display in the trading post.
  • Fixed damage reductions in combat PvP and PvM.
  • Fixed nightmare staff not being able to auto cast.
  • Fixed Vorkath stepping rocks force movement.
  • Fixed spelling error in the godsword of absolute.
  • Fixed Accursed sceptre not working in PvP.
  • Fixed Kraken respawn.
  • Fixed loot beams.
  • Changed killstreak shout to 20+ kills.
  • Added 100K coins to the starter kit.
  • You now get 2 points for prestige on nightmare and 3 for hell experience modes.
  • Fixed Zulrah instance breaking when he teleported.
  • Fixed the pet world message, it will no longer shout pet pet!
  • Fixed Abyssal dagger special attack drain amount.
  • Konar slayer tasks now considers, slayer level, blocked tasks and combat level.
  • Fixed hunleff, brimstone and crystal key not announcing rare drops.
  • Fixed Morrigan’s javelin not decreasing ammo when thrown.
  • Moved Bonus lectern a few tiles in the Asgarnian ice dungeon.
  • Fixed blood spells not healing players.
  • Normal staves can now auto cast normal spells.
  • Fixed spiritual mage animations.
  • Changed achievement reward for Nightmare Adept II.
  • Added kill counter for slayer monsters.
  • Fixed pets being able to block path ways of monsters.
  • You can no longer bring your animal lore beast in LMS games.
  • You can no longer use any claim commands inside LMS games.
  • You can only activate three sigils at a time.
  • The starter box now gives 500K coins.
  • Beginner casket now gives 10M coins after completing all starter tasks.
  • Leaving GWD will reset your display opacity back to normal.
  • You need to exchange your previous beast in order to create the next one (Animal Lore).
  • Animal lore beast respawn penalty added, a 10 minute cool down timer after your beast dies.
  • When your beast dies, the beast will respawn in your inventory or bank when you have no space.
  • When you leave a ironman group or get kicked you have a 7 day cooldown before you can join a new one.
  • During LMS minigames we can loot other items as ironman.
  • Stop LMS starter gear dropping to the ground.
  • Fixed the LMS immunity timer, you have a 20 second timer to 30.
  • Fixed LMS not removing items when the server updates or disconnects.
  • Fixed a LMS smuggle.
  • Added more fog sequences.
  • Moved volatile nightmare staff to the mid drop table.
  • Added light bearer and voidwaker to the upgraded loot table.
  • Fixed the LMS overlay.
  • The Fog now starts after 5 minutes in the LMS game instead of 9.
  • Fix LMS key logic.
  • Fixed TOA mystery box masori chaps was a duplicate drop, this also fixed the collection log.
  • Fixed collection log boxes count not properly updating.
  • Fixed prayer altars and burrying bones.
  • Fixed Vorkath combat script.
  • Added some blood money to the wilderness daily tasks.
  • Crystal keys can now drop 1-10m cash (uncommon).
  • Sanguine nex pet boosts damage against Nex by 15%.
  • Psychotic crab pet boosts drop rate bonus by 2%.



  • Added the Skotizo boss with proper mechanics.
  • Added a new skill Animal lore.
  • Added a new home map.
  • Added the brimstone chest.
  • Added the Hunleff altar.
  • Reworked all shops.
  • Balanced slayer points and rewards point shop.
  • Dark saged orb is no longer required in your inventory, you can leave it in the bank to trigger any of it’s effects.
  • Moved the AFK zone.
  • Changed world event timers.
  • Added boss points and a shop to purchase items from.
  • Added the gem bag, herb sack and essence pouch.
  • Added the Konar Quo Maten slayer master.
  • Added item charges for most items that require charges.
  • Reworked the Alchemy system.
  • Added a new custom raid called Chamber Of Secrets.
  • Added a new member zone.
  • The fountain in the diamond zone now over heals with super combat and ranging pot.
  • The fountain in the dragonstone zone now over heals with overload, but not the overload effect.
  • Added more mechanics to Alchemical Hydra.
  • Removed the recent category and replace with training teleports.
  • Added cntrl + T for opening tele interface.
  • Galvek has been moved to it’s real instanced area.
  • Added custom spell for infernal trident.
  • Added DMM sigils, you can purchase them by prestige skills.
  • Reworked the Item exchange system.
  • Added a rock crab superior boss.
  • Added a Nex superior boss.
  • Added minigame collection logs.
  • Added a close and minimize button on the activity tracker overlay.
Posted September 17, 2023
Posted by: Patrick

Elidinis Launch:

Hi everyone,
Elidinis is launching on September 30th at 8 PM CEST.
We start our advertising campaign monday the 25th all the way up to Spetermber the 30th.
On the day of launch a competition starts, this competition is only for the hardest game mode.


All competetion prizes can only be won on the Hell game mode.

Normal account (Hell exp mode):

First player to reach the max cape -> 500M, a 200$ bond or 100$ PayPal credit.
First player to receive a Twisted bow drop -> 100M, 40$ bond or 20$ Paypal credit.
First player to receive a Scythe of vitur drop -> 100M, 40$ bond or 20$ Paypal credit.
First player to receive a Salazar slytherin’s locket drop -> 100M, 40$ bond or 20$ Paypal credit.
First player to receive any pet -> 100M, 40$ bond or 20$ Paypal credit.
First player to finish 50 achievements -> 200M, 80$ bond or 40$ Paypal credit.
First player to finish 10 Collection logs. -> 100M OSGP, 40$ bond or 20$ Paypal credit.

Any Ironman mode (Hell exp mode):

First player to reach the max cape -> 500M, a 200$ bond or 100$ PayPal credit.
First player to receive a Twisted bow drop -> 100M, 40$ bond or 20$ Paypal credit.
First player to receive a Scythe of vitur drop -> 100M, 40$ bond or 20$ Paypal credit.
First player to receive a Salazar slytherin’s locket drop -> 100M, 40$ bond or 20$ Paypal credit.
First player to receive any pet -> 100M, 40$ bond or 20$ Paypal credit.
First player to finish 50 achievements -> 200M, 80$ bond or 40$ Paypal credit.
First player to finish 10 Collection logs. -> 100M OSGP, 40$ bond or 20$ Paypal credit.

Kind regards,
The Elidinis staff team.

Posted August 16, 2023
Posted by: Patrick

1: Real World Trading (RWT)

• Offering to Buy or Sell Elidinis GP/Items for anything else other then Elidinis Ingame Wealth is a serious offense. (Trolling about RWT is also an offense).
• Buying graphics/images for anything Elidinis based with in-game currency is fine. (Feel free to check with a staff member in-game if you're un-sure.)

2: Scamming Scamming an item from another player is a serious offense. This includes:

• Rule Switching in a risk fight, Rebelling upon set rules (in a risk fight, gamble etc), Not paying out the pot agreed upon etc. Failing to return lent items that were agreed to be returned is considered scamming.
• You cannot agree to Risk/Stake/Gamble an item you don't have (Ie. Saying you'll bet a bond that you haven't yet bought).
• You cannot manipulate prices in any way, This includes selling items to your friends and alternate accounts to trick other players into thinking an item is worth a price higher or lower than it really is.
• Lending out items that you've lent from another player will be classed as a scam unless agreed by the original owner of said item(s)
• Gambling lent items is against our game rules, this will result in an account ban.
• No leniency will be offered for this rule.
• Failure to see what rules/items are in the gamble screen, is your OWN fault and will not be investigated as a scamming situation.
• You can NOT gamble for other players. There are restrictions in place for a reason.

3: Macroing

• Using third party software to gain an advantage over another player (Autoclicker, AHK) etc is a bannable offene.

4: Bug Abuse

• Attempting to abuse a known bug/glitch/exploit is a serious offense.

6: DDoSing and DDoS Threats

• DDoSing (or threatening) a player or the server is a serious offense and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
• Joking about DDoSing another player/server will resort to a UID/IP ban from the server. This also includes distributing a players or the server's partial/full IP address and other similar information.

7: Ban Evasion

• Using other accounts to evade a punishment given to you by a staff member is an offense.
• All punishment's are to be fully served before you can be re-accepted into Elidinis (This includes playing with a new IP/UID).
• If you somehow manage to log into the server without having an accepted appeal, please message a staff member and we can resolve the issue and put you in the right direction to writing a new appeal (This may look good on your next appeal)
• Aiding a player who is avoiding their punishment is also an offense. (Giving items with knowledge that they are an avoider)

8: Advertising

• Advertising another server or anything similar that may damage our player base is not allowed under ANY circumstances.
• You may not advertise on other servers either as that attracts negative attention towards ViolationX & it may attract malicious intent.
• Mentioning other servers in general conversation or as a comparison is fine. If the conversation turns more towards an advertising stance, a staff member will step in and stop the conversation(s). (This is entirely up to the staff member's discretion.)

9: Exposing Personal Information (DoXing)

• Posting content such as pornography, gore or linking illegal downloads such as torrents is not tolerated under any circumstances.
• Releasing personal information/pictures of or about a player without their permission is not tolerated
This includes skypes, IP addresses, home addresses, e-mail addresses, workplaces, social media, etc.

10: PK Farming

• Any form of kill Farming (Paying for kills, killing yourself on a different PC/IP, asking your friends for free kills) is a serious offense.
• Teleporting back to the same location that you died, and getting killed again by the same person IS NOT PK farming.

11: False reports & Witholding information

• Lying (or with-holding the truth) to a staff member is a serious offense.
• Disrespecting a staff-member in any way is an offense. Friendly banter is fine, but don't cross the line.
• Talking bad about a staff-member (bashing) over yell with false accusations is a serious offense.

12: Gambling/Selling/Giving away accounts

• If an account is Gambled, Sold or given away, the account will be PERMANENTLY BANNED with no chance of receiving it back.
• This also includes attempting to give your donor rank to another player, who attempts to say it's their account; We will consider your account given away it will be banned upon attempt.
• The player(s) that are involved in said situations can also be eligible for punishment(s).

13: Hacking

• Hacking a player's account is a serious offense.
• If you are given access to another persons account for a certain reason, you are only to be on that account for that reason only. (Ex. Logging into another players account to do an in-name donation, but then going to hydra after completing said donation.)

14: Multilogging

• You CAN NOT have more than one account in the wilderness at any one time. (This includes when pvming).
• You CAN NOT use more than one account to fight the same bosses.
• You are allowed ONE main account and ONE Alt account. (once again, NOT in wilderness!)
• If caught drop trading currency from your Ironman to an alt or main account, this will lead to a punishment.
(This only applies if farming on two accounts)

15a. Risk fight rules:

• Have a STAFF MIDDLE MAN or VIDEO EVIDENCE with a statement similar but not limited to "I AGREE TO RISK (INSERT NAME) X AMOUNT".
• Failing to do so causes more issues and will not be deemed as a risk fight.
• A 100k Minimum, To prevent players from abusing the risk fight rules a 100k has been set in place. It is a risk fight so there must be an element of risk.
• The risk fight must be fought in Risk zone or at CPVP to clarify as a Risk fight.
• A red skull is the final requirement and makes it very clear that you are in a risk fight. The duel arena is a safe alternative for those wanting to risk small amounts with specific rules.
Player-jumping (pjing) a Riskfight
• Pjing a person's risk fight is an offense.
• This includes Pjing just Before, During and After a risk fight.
Standing under a risk fight
• Intentionally standing under someone's risk fight is an offense.

15.b Disobeying agreed rules

• If prior to the risk fight rules were set and agreed upon, you must follow them.
• Repeating this offense may lead to an account ban, as this is technically considered to be a minor scam.
Rushing in/a risk fight
• Instantly using special attacks against a player in a Risk Fight is classified as "Rushing" and is not acceptable. (After the first hit your free to use your special attacks).

16. Other

• Pk-banter may only be used in private messages. Failing to do so will result in your account being muted.
• Claiming to know dupes, abusing dupes or lying about dupes is a serious offense which will result in your account being permanently banned.
Posted August 8, 2023
Posted by: Patrick

Welcome to the roadmap of Elidinis.

We are working hard on bringing Elidinis online with a bunch of custom content.

The Economy used to build around blood money, this will change to coins.
The item prices have been changed to the OSRS Grand Exchange prices.
The following content is being added before launch:

  • Skotizo inside it’s own lair (No longer world boss)
  • Achievement capes with bonuses
  • Animal lore a custom skill
  • Two new custom raids, (Chamber Of Secrets, a new version) and the successor Goblet of fire
  • A new prayer book unreleased on OSRS (Didn’t pass the poll) https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Ruinous_Powers
  • New member ranks and features

Further more a FULL reset will happen for this launch.

Kind regards,
Patrick the new Owner of Elidinis