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Posted June 7, 2024
Posted by: Patrick

logo-300x108.png (300×108)

I. Bug fixes
II. QoL and suggestions
III. Vote boss
IV. Wandering merchant rework
V. Interface rework
VI. Combat rework


I. Bug fixes

– Fixed wording error in the Farming skill.
– Fixed the durability of corrupted augmented weapons.
– Fixed dwarf cannon loading more cannon balls as possible.
– Added the blood money scroll ability.
– Fixed slayer task boost scroll ending before the timer.
– Fixed wilderness key not spawning.
– Fixed blood spirits spawning more automic spirits in the dragonstone zone.
– Fixed wilderness not having any automic spirit respawns.
– Looting bag, Rune pouch and beast of burden will no longer count towards protect prayers.
– Fixed the Holey Moley III achievement.
– Fixed bolt special attacks not triggering properly
– Aggression spells no longer work in member zones and on npcs lower than level 100 combat.
– Fixed item IDs of a handful custom items such as defiled.
– Fixed ancestral glyph in the Inferno.
– Fixed raids rewards flooding the game, We now have a proper system that also scales based on party members.
– Fixed corporeal beast spear function


II. QoL and suggestions

– You can now transfer vote tickets by using them on players.
– Pets and looting bags that auto-pickup items from the ground now have a animation when picking up items.
– You have to set your pick-up value again, these have been reset.
– You can now right click the pet to setup values
– Diamond+ members now have sparkling member icons
– Updated all mystery boxes
– Changed the function of the scythe of vitur scroll. Unlocking this scroll will now boost your scythe’s accuracy and damage by 10%.
– Enchanted gloves now deal 25% recoil damage of the hit at a 20% chance.
– Sanguine twisted bow no longer hits 2 arrows but one.
– Added to fangs of Venenatis, claws of Callisto and skull of Veti’on to the announcements.
– Updated the alchemy table, removed some items and made other items harder.
– Enabled the hounds when killing Vet’ion and Calvar’ion.
– Added the Barrelchest, Zombies champion and Corrupted nechryarchs to the Krystillia boss tasks.
– When dying in the white portal at Ferox you now respawn inside the area.
– Added a new pet to the alchemy system (The Colossal flora pet).
– Added a new BIS corporeal beast spear to the alchemy system (The ethereal spear).

III. Vote boss

Whenever you have successfully claimed your vote you can now kill the Bloodthirsty abomination 5 times.
The pre-saved kills do not reset and stack, however you can only get 5 kills per successful vote once every 24H.

::voteboss now gives you the option to teleport to this new solo vote boss.

You have a 1/10 chance to spawn the superior version

Both bosses have brand new items and a collection log to complete!

IV. Wandering merchant rework

For many months the wandering merchant has been neglected, so the staff team decided to write up a very nice rework.
You can now only complete each task once per week, the rework tokens have been buffed for completing tasks.
You now receive a bonus of 6.500 tokens for completing all the tasks. We have also renamed the task names to make more sense.
We’ve also changed the set of items you have to exchange to fit the current economy.

New shop rewards (These items can only be purchased for a weekly limited amount):

V. Interface rework

I’ve gone ahead and gave some interfaces a visual rework.


VI. Combat rework

I would like to warn you before starting the post that the combat has received around a 70% nerf.
The current combat system exceeds what I had in mind for Elidinis to be a semi-custom OSRS based server.
The staff team and I have been working behind the scenes to better the combat system for the past two weeks.
What can you expect?

.1 Drastic decrease in max hits, we’re now ranging around 1.5/2x OSRS-max hit in each combat bracket.
We have also edited the hitpoints of each boss to mimic the new combat system, this includes raids.

.2 This opens up a wide variety of new custom pets, armour and weapons. Stay tuned for what are working on behind the scenes!

Here is a picture of me using each brackets somewhat BIS gear, please be-aware this is not completely BIS.


Kind regards,


Posted May 28, 2024
Posted by: Patrick

Hello players of Elidinis,

First and foremost I want to thank Reece (Respire) for keeping the game running whilst Rambo and I was trying to sort out business.

Sadly Rambo and I couldn’t finalize our business deal and the sale has collapsed. We are still friends don’t get me wrong, there is no bad blood between the two of us.

Well let’s jump straight into the future of Elidinis and what is going to happen these coming weeks/months.

I’ve made a personal roadmap of things that are going to take place, here is a short list of what is going to happen:

  • * Combat overhaul (A complete combat overhaul on max-hits as well as combat accuracy)
    right now the combat is in a bad shape, this was already the case many months ago before I left.
    With this overhaul there will be more room for updates, which will happen shortly.
  • * The reported bugs that have been pending for many months have all been fixed.
  • * QoL
    There have been some requests pending past weeks that I’ve added to the game:
    – Animation when auto-looting ground items (drops)
    – Sparkling effect on diamond+ member ranks.
  • * Mystery boxes and Mystery items
    All of the mystery boxes and items will be reworked by the staff team and will include player feedback.
  • * Interfaces rework
    So far I’ve reworked three interfaces:
    – Teleporting
    – Trading post
    – NPC drop viewer
    with more to come such as:
    – Preset
    – Promotional interface
  • * Elidinis merchant
    I’ve gone ahead and added a “Elidinis merchant” a NPC that gives coins for your items.
    Item prices have been set by the staff team, and are subject to change. This can be done whilst the game is running with a simple ::reload command.
  • * Wandering merchant rework
    For many months the wandering merchant has been neglected and the staff team wrote up a very nice rework.
    – You can now only complete each task once per week.
    – Reward tokens have been buffed when completing your task.
    – Task names have been renamed, the task names didn’t make any sense.
    – The actual tasks have been edited for our current economy.
    – New shop rewards have been added:
    – Unbound tonic; Grants +2.5% drop rate bonus after completing all four tasks, tasks reset weekly so will this boost.
    – Burdened elixir; Grants 10% extra raids points and buffs the raids points cap by 10% for 1 hour. (You can only purchase three per week)
    – Wanderers ring; When worn. you have a 10% chance to save one item.
    – Insurance scroll; When using the insurance scroll you will receive 1/3rd bonus tokens when completing a task. (You can only purchase three per week)
    – Hotspot scroll; Your hotspot points will be doubled for an hour.  (You can only purchase two per week)
    – Trials scroll; Your trial task kills will be doubled for an hour.  (You can only purchase two per week)
    – Member coins elixir; Your member coin drops will be doubled for an hour.  (You can only purchase three per week)
    – Burdened mystery box; This special mystery box has an exclusive table of rewards that cannot be obtained from any other reward tables in the game. (You can only purchase two per week)
    – Burdened phalanx; Attaches to a Osmumten’s fang granting it 1 tick increased speed, 10% bonus accuracy and damage.
    – Blessing of protection; 10% chance to ignore all incoming damage.
    – Blessing of lore; Boosts your animal lore beast bonuses by 10%.
    – Blessing of volatility; 15% chance to deal a extra hit with a max hit of 50% of the damage.
    – Omnipotent blessing; Prayer drains 3 times slower as per usual.
    – Cursed quiver; You can store ammo in the quiver and your ranged accuracy and damage will be increased by 10%.
    – Pendant of affliction; Grants 10% drop rate boost and increases your accuracy and damage by 10% in any combat style.
  • Stardust boss
    A new boss that will drop a variety of skilling outfits and has a chance to drop the ring of charos (a)
  • Animal lore rework
    A complete overhaul on the Animal lore skill based on previous suggestions.
  • A new vote boss
    A boss that you can kill three times per day after voting.
  • A upgrade system where you can upgrade your BIS items
    This system allows you to upgrade all the BIS items into a stronger version.
  • Raids rework
    Raids will be reworked with more features and difficulties.

All of the topics that have a “*” have already been finished and will be included in the first update. No specific ETA yet but trying to push between 31st of May and 4th of June.

Further more after all of the updates are LIVE, I will hire banners and people to make videos to re-advertise Elidinis.

The coming weeks we will work on bringing old players back and assemble an advertising budget.

There is a long road ahead to regain your trust, which I understand if you can grant me time, by August Elidinis will be popping again.

We’re also going to drop a massive Summer event with many in-game prizes as well as Cash/OSGP prizes.
This event is set to start on the 19th of July util 30th of August.

Kind regards,



Posted February 22, 2024
Posted by: Patrick

logo-300x108.png (300×108)

I. Bug fixes
II. QoL and suggestions
III. Warped elemental
IV. Bloodthorn empress
V. Warped demon
VI. Imbuement trinket


I. Bug fixes

– Fixed chinchompas not working, and replaced the ID in the ironman shop.
– Fixed collection ironman not being able to trade each other.
– Fixed the lectern in the dragonstone member zone.
– Fixed the slayer obelisk despawning NPCS at random.
– Fixed sherlock going into negative values.
– Potentially fixed timed objects disappearing, objects such as stalls and brimhaven vines.
– You can now use the elder chaos robe kits.
– Fixed member elixir only giving five minutes of time.
– Changed crafter I text description.
– Fixed ::antibot command for staff members.
– You can no longer deploy a cannon in the member cave.
– You can no longer wear the ruby and onyx capes if you do not have the rank.
– Fixed Drake’s in the member cave.
– Raised HP of the member cave monsters
– Fixed mini basilisk attack speed
– Fixed safe spot whilst fighting the mini basilisk
– Fixed hunter barrier in the ruby zone
– Fixed Larran’s key chest
– Fixed error, making range impossible
– Fixed ::help broadcasting to non staff members
– Added QoL messages when failing Hydra axe achievements
– Fixed always drops typo, causing insane money drops
– Fixed the member elixir not triggering
– Fixed all members being able to kill Porazdirs
– Fixed the ::porazdir teleport
– Fixed Dragonstone porazdir not resetting back to Sapphire
– Fixed event bosses in member instance, can go minus kill count and broadcast server wide.
– Fixed energy barriers in the dragonstone zone, they collided with the barriers in CoS raid.
– Fixed member shooting star, logic colliding with the regular shooting star.
– Fixed automic spirits in dzone, you can now also get blood spirits in the dzone.
– Fixed rapacious gloves not having the extra damage against monsters.
– Fixed galana pet drop rate boost, it gave to much boost.
– Fixed member’s halo not triggering the drop rate effect.
– Fixed weak spot slayer perk not triggering on dummy and trial tasks.


II. QoL and suggestions

– Added lectern skip scroll.
– Ring of wealth now loots platinum tokens.
– Elidinis ring now also auto loots currency, if this feature is toggled on.
– Goldsmith II achievement now requires mithril platebodies.
– Added the Porazdir to the quest tab.
– Added two new wilderness events, Warped demon and the Bloodthorn empress bosses.
– The GWD bosses and minions are no longer agro.
– Removed elder wand from blood magicks effects.
– You can now right click convert on coins and platinum tokens.
– Mini basilisk now gives 10 boss points and has it’s own kill counter.
– Added a new crossbow to the alchemy altar called the Hell’s crossbow.
– Added needle and thread to the General store.

III. Warped elemental

The warped elemental is a new boss and the most annoying boss we have to offer.

The boss uses a difficulty system built in, the skulls above the monster indicate it’s difficulty.
The boss uses 5 attacks;
– A ranged attack
– A magic attack
– A poison attack
– A disarm attack
– And a portal attack

The more health the boss loses the harder the difficulty becomes, every 500 HP lost the difficulty increases.
However at the same time the boss will keep teleporting to a different room for every 500HP he loses.
Don’t you worry the difficulty and teleports can only happen once, so if the boss heals back up he will not proceed with these mechanics.

You can teleport to the warped elemental by typing ::warpedele.

IV. Bloodthorn empress

Bloodthorn empress emerges from the depths of the wilderness every 2 hours, signaling her arrival with a surge of dark energy that echoes across the land.
Players must prepare themselves for the impending battle, as the Bloodthorn’s presence draws adventurers seeking both glory and riches.
You can teleport to the event by typing ::bloodthorn. The boss is located in a singles area.

Unique drops:

A new voidwaker but purely for PvM, making this the new BIS PvM spec weapon.

Blood spirit shield:
An offensive off-hand shield boasting defensive capabilities superior to an Elysian, yet also offering offensive bonuses.
Its special effect enhances the wielder’s offensive capabilities and also provides protection against damage.

V. Warped demon

The warped demon is a wilderness event that spawns every 90 minutes (1H, 30M).
This demon is hard to find, whenever the demon spawns he will give you a hint where he is in the Wilderness.

Unique drops:

Bloodweaver Bow:
The Bloodweaver bow is a rare ranged weapon. Its special attack mirrors that of the Dark bow, draining the defense of its target while delivering increased damage and accuracy, particularly effective in PvM encounters.

Demonbane arrows and bolts:
New BIS bolts and arrows for PvP encounters, these arrows and bolts have no special attack.

Demonbane mask:
Provides 75% damage increase when fighting against demons.

VI. Imbuement trinket

The Imbuement Trinket is a mystical artifact crafted through the fusion of three powerful imbuement pieces obtained from various challenges within the game.
With the ability to unlock valuable rewards and enhance existing items, this trinket offers players an opportunity to augment their gameplay experience.

Obtaining the Imbuement Trinket:

To create the Imbuement Trinket, players must gather three distinct imbuement pieces:

-Raid Imbuement Piece: Obtained as a rare reward from completing any raid activity (Chamber of Secrets, Chambers of Xeric, Goblet of Fire, or Theatre of Blood).

-Boss Imbuement Piece: Acquired as a rare drop from defeating any boss with over 1000 Hitpoints.

-Slayer Imbuement Piece: Obtained as a rare drop upon completing a Slayer task.

Once all three pieces are collected, players can fuse them together to make a Imbuement trinket. However this process will cost you 100K blood money.

The Imbuement Trinket operates similarly to a Mystery Box, providing players with the chance to obtain a range of lucrative rewards upon use.

These rewards include:

Cash rewards ranging from 2B-10B.
Imbuement crystal to make the new Elidinis ring (i)
New unique boxes
Bonds (5$/10$)

Posted February 10, 2024
Posted by: Patrick

logo-300x108.png (300×108)

I. Bug fixes
II. QoL and suggestions
III. Member zone


I. Bug fixes

– The blood reaper slayer perks now only trigger when killing bosses.
– Made ancient godsword (e) only use 50% special attack.
– Fixed a item dupe when spam opening keys.
– Fixed COX collection log (Kodai insignia)
– Fixed a ground item visual bug.
– Elysians should no longer block vengeance damage.
– Fixed task trial points boost for ranking up.
– Fixed damage still counting for pkers when players leave the wilderness.
– Fixed 11 slayer monster teleports for non wilderness teleports.
– Fixed the item bonuses of the following items, they surpassed the OSRS bonuses.
– Fixed a bank pin serialization issue that caused errors and profile issues when opening the bank.
– Made all godwars bosses non aggro.


II. QoL and suggestions

– Added a antibot check for staff members.
– Reduced all superior boss timers from 3 minutes to one minute.
– Slayer unlocks are now toggleabl.
– You can now uncharge imbued rings for a 30M coin fee.
– Buffed trilogy boots item bonuses.
– You can now use a chisel on an empty tome of fire to get between 50 and 100 burnt pages.
– All shop amounts are now 100.000 this makes it, so you can buy up to 100.000 per purchase.
– Added a vial smash scroll in the slayer reward store for 500 slayer points.
– Updated daily task rewards and removed some old tasks and added some new tasks.
– Completing all daily tasks per category will now grant you a completion reward.
– Completing all easy tasks:

– 500k platinum tokens
– 2 5k blood money bags
– 1x key of drops

– Completing all med tasks:
– 1m platinum tokens
– 5 5k blood money bags
– 1x 35$ mystery box

– Completing all hard tasks:
– 2m platinum tokens
– 10 5k blood money bags
– 1x fortune ticket

– Completing all tasks
– 3m platinum tokens
– 1x mystery chest
– 1x exotic loot scroll

– All raids now scale hitpoints based on party size.
– The blood reaper perk now grants platinum tokens instead of coins.
– Blood money and blood tokens are no longer permitted in the trading post, you can now sell them.
– Boosted the salavian weaponry and armoury from 5% and 4% damage boost to 7% damage boost.
– The blowpipe attack distance has been changed from a maximum of 5 tiles to 7. Which means you can attack the vespula portal with a blowpipe.
– The slayer obelisk now spawns monsters in a spawn radius of 2 tiles instead of 8.
– The grand looting bag no longer triggers on npcs that are not your task.
– Animal lore beasts now have their own healing percentage. Starting at 3% for mole all the way up to 14% for Olm.
– Animal lore resources perk is now boosted based on your beast, the stronger the beast the more resources you get in return.
– The slayer obelisk now has a proper despawn timer, and the spawns are no longer player bound. Others can kill the bosses too.
– Sherlock now gives the option to complete one clue or all clues.
– Sherlock and other content that automatically takes currency from the inventory and bank now also take platinum tokens if you do not have enough coins.
– Added activity timers for all raid types, Vorkath, Alchemical hydra Zulrah and Fight caves.
– Trilogy boots and cape
– Pegasian, Eternal and Primordial boots (or)
– Added a new completionist cape called the completionist cape III, you need to have all achievements completed to wear it.
– This means that the completionist cape II has been moved down to 200 achievements completed.
– Added 100+ new achievements.
– The Elder wand now has the accuracy effect of the Tumekens shadow.
– The elder wand can now autocast spells.
– Added soulsplit and turmoil to the quick prayers.
– Bosses in member zones now count towards hotspot points.

III. Member zone

– Red topaz members can now use noted bones on altars.

– All member related monsters now drop member coins you can spent them in the shop at the beginner donator zone. Talk to Apprentice Felix to access this store.

– Added three QoL dzone teleport commands:
::sdz for sapphire
::rdz for Ruby
::ddz for dragonstone

– Added a lectern to all donator zones, you get free daily touches.
– Opal, Jade and Red topaz one per day.
– Sapphire, Emerald and ruby two per day.
– Diamond and Dragonstone three per day.
– Onyx four per day.
– Zenyte five per day.

– Added new member bosses, a specific Porazdir spawns every three hours. The Spawns rotate, each boss has it’s own rank requirement.

– Added a new members cave, the Lizardman and Hydra have a unique drop, the rest of the monsters will get a unique later.

– Added a shooting star too all member zones, you get free daily stardust by mining the star.
– Opal, Jade and Red Topaz members can mine 250 daily stardust.
– Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby members can mine 400 daily stardust.
– Diamond and Dragonstone members can mine 650 daily stardust.
– Onyx members can mine 800 daily stardust.
– Zenyte members can mine 1000 daily stardust.

– Cerberus, Zulrah and the Mini Basilisk in the member zones now drop loot for all players that did damage.


Posted January 7, 2024
Posted by: Patrick

I. Slayer
II. Trials
III. Superior zulrah & new transmutes
IV. Economy & votes
V. Patches & QoL


I. Slayer

We have added some new slayer armour and weapons, this is to target new and mid game players.
Even end game players are able to use these armours and weapons to switch up their gameplay.

– Requirement; have completed 50 slayer tasks.
– Salavian slayer helm (t1) +2% damage and +5% accuracy boost. (any combat style)
– Salavian slayer body (t1) +2% damage and +5% accuracy boost. (any combat style)
– Salavian slayer legs (t1) +2% damage and +5% accuracy boost. (any combat style)

– Requirement; have completed 250 slayer tasks.
– Salavian slayer helm (t2) +3% damage and +10% accuracy boost. (any combat style)
– Salavian slayer body (t2) +3% damage and +10% accuracy boost. (any combat style)
– Salavian slayer legs (t2) +3% damage and +10% accuracy boost. (any combat style)

– Requirement; have completed 500 slayer tasks.
– Salavian slayer helm (t3) +4% damage and +15% accuracy boost. (any combat syle)
– Salavian slayer body (t3) +4% damage and +15% accuracy boost. (any combat syle)
– Salavian slayer legs (t3) +4% damag and +15% accuracy boost. (any combat syle)

– Weapons for each combat category:
– Requirement for t1; have completed 50 slayer tasks. +3% and +5% accuracy boost.
– Requirement for t2; have completed 250 slayer tasks. +4% and +10% accuracy boost.
– Requirement for t3; have completed 500 slayer tasks. +5% and +15% accuracy boost.
– Salavian slayer bow
– Salavian slayer halberd
– Salavian slayer staff

II. Trials

We have noticed people already hit the end rank for quite awhile now so we added a bunch of new ranks including trials only jewellery.
Amulet of will +2.5% melee damage in PvM and grants +10% more coin and blood money drops. (1000 points and need the Lieutenant rank to wear)
Archwarder amulet +2.5% range damage in PvM and grants +10% more coin and blood money drops. (1000 points and need the Lieutenant rank to wear)
Ariel amulet +2.5% mage damage in PvM and grants +10% more coin and blood money drops. (1000 points and need the Lieutenant rank to wear)
Cursed amulet All amulet effects combined -> (Alchemy and need the General+ rank to wear)

Added 5 new ranks:
– Lieutenant (250 tasks completed)
– 300m coins
– special pets box
– 35$ mystery box x2
– key of drops
– General (500 tasks completed)
– 500m coins
– special pets box
– fortune ticket
– General+ (750 tasks completed)
– 1B coins
– fortune ticket x2
– mystery chest
– Bounty hunter (1000 tasks completed)
– 1.25B coins
– mystery chest x2
– 10$ bond
– Unreal (1500 tasks completed)
– 1.5B coins
– mystery chest x2
– 20$ bond

Added new rank perks:
– Murderer
– +1 points
– Slaughterer
– +2 points
– 25% chance to receive a 5$ mystery box after completing a task
– Abominable
– +4 points
– 20% chance to receive a 15$ mystery box after completing a task
– Psycho
– +6 points
– 15% chance to receive a 35$ mystery box after completing a task
– Blood born
– +8 points
– 20% chance to receive a 35$ mystery box after completing a task
– Satanic
– +10 points
– 25% chance to receive a 35$ mystery box after completing a task
– 20% chance to receive a ingredients sack.
– Lieutenant
– +12 points
– 35% chance to receive a 35$ mystery box after completing a task
– 25% chance to receive a ingredients sack.
– General
– +14 points
– 15% chance to receive a fortune ticket after completing a task
– 30% chance to receive a ingredients sack.
– General+
– +16 points
– 20% chance to receive a fortune ticket after completing a task
– 35% chance to receive a ingredients sack.
– Bounty hunter
– +18 points
– 25% chance to receive a fortune ticket after completing a task
– 40% chance to receive a ingredients sack.
– Unreal
– +20 points
– 10% chance to receive a mystery chest after completing a task
– 50% chance to receive a ingredients sack.


III. Superior zulrah & new transmutes

We have added a new superior boss for early and mid game players.
The twisted serpent spawns every 50 Zulrah kills, and has three unique drops.
All three weapons increase the respective max hit for that combat style by +20 and grants a 25% accuracy boost.
– Twisted blowpipe
– Twisted helmet
– Twisted trident

We’ve also added 6 new transmutable items, these items all target early and mid game players.
– Dark armadyl
– Dark bandos
– Blood rapier 1 tick faster then ghrazi rapier with a bleed effect.
– Elemental faceguard
– Torva (i)
– Virtus (i)

Economy & votes

We noticed that there are too many votes in-game, and people vote less.
Therefor we added new sigils to the vote shop, you can claim them only once.
– Accuracy boost sigil tier 1 to 3.
– Damage boost sigil tier 1 to 3.
– Double drop boost sigil tier 1 to 3.

We also noticed there are too many items in-game due to events, so we added the wandering merchant earlier as expected.
– Grand looting bag – Auto banks drops, +5% drop rate bonus, chance to receive 5$ mystery boxes and a very rare chance to receive mystery chest only in the wilderness PvP or Pvm kills.
– Drop roll scroll – Grants one extra drop roll when killing monsters
– Mystery luck scroll – 10% extra luck of rolling a better drop table opening mystery boxes and chests.
– Raid luck scroll – 10% added chance to purple
– Gauntlet mold – Used to put all 3 bis gloves together sage bracelet enchanted gloves and enchanted vambs into elidinis gauntlets

V. Patches & QoL

Ingredients box (Any ingredient (5/10)
– Slayer shop for 500 points
– Trial shop for 200 points
– Every 10 trial tasks
– Every 25 slayer tasks

Bug fixes:
– Amulet of blood fury and soulsplit healing have been changed:
– The damage intervals change the percentage of how much you are being healed.
– Both healing effects are capped at 30 HP.
– Fixed Exanimate crossbow protection value.
– You can no longer get a target in Ferox enclave.
– You can now use a cut onyx on a zenyte shard to form a uncut zenyte.
– Added a extra safety check to presets, when your bank is full and you have a pet out the pet won’t load from your preset.
– Combat is reset when leaving the wilderness cave, so you can get immediately attacked.
– Fixed object replacement for tree objects and thieving.
– Fixed sanguine nex collection log.
– Added checks to the tome of fire and scythe scrolls, you can no longer open them after you already claimed them.
– Fixed enraged buckler effects
– BOB will now drop items to the ground when bank is full.
– Fixed a bunch of errors that were found in the code.
– Fixed dagannoth kings KC counting twice.
– Fixed godwars dungeon aggro

– Increased bank size from 1200 to 2000 slots.
– You can now sell your junk to the general store for OSRS GE values.
– You can now sell back skilling outfits for stardust (75% sellback)
– Augmented weapons special attacks are now 100% accurate and deal 10% more damage.
– Members can now set their home teleport location with ::sethometele.
– You no longer need a frozen key to kill Nex.
– All slayer helms except syrax now only work on task, trial task counts too.
– Divine heart now has a 12 second cooldown instead of 1 minute.
– Ring of wealth now has the ability to auto-loot currency.
– Removed vote points from all content, you can now only get vote points for ::vote.
– Every weekend (friday to sunday) votes automatically double.
– Replaced the double votes at the WOGW for a double drops scroll boost.
– Buffed the following items:
– Cursed shield
– Defilied amulet
– Ghommals defender
– Cerborn boots
– Trilogy boots
– Added ::removeyt to remove your yell tag.
– Added a dynamic scroll bar for achievements.
– Considering the WOGW is always on, we changed the prices and descriptions.
– Added new collection logs
– Pet fuse box
– Wandering merchant
– Twisted serpent
– You no longer need a special rank to kill monsters in each donator zone.