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Posted February 10, 2024
Posted by: Patrick

logo-300x108.png (300×108)

I. Bug fixes
II. QoL and suggestions
III. Member zone


I. Bug fixes

– The blood reaper slayer perks now only trigger when killing bosses.
– Made ancient godsword (e) only use 50% special attack.
– Fixed a item dupe when spam opening keys.
– Fixed COX collection log (Kodai insignia)
– Fixed a ground item visual bug.
– Elysians should no longer block vengeance damage.
– Fixed task trial points boost for ranking up.
– Fixed damage still counting for pkers when players leave the wilderness.
– Fixed 11 slayer monster teleports for non wilderness teleports.
– Fixed the item bonuses of the following items, they surpassed the OSRS bonuses.
– Fixed a bank pin serialization issue that caused errors and profile issues when opening the bank.
– Made all godwars bosses non aggro.


II. QoL and suggestions

– Added a antibot check for staff members.
– Reduced all superior boss timers from 3 minutes to one minute.
– Slayer unlocks are now toggleabl.
– You can now uncharge imbued rings for a 30M coin fee.
– Buffed trilogy boots item bonuses.
– You can now use a chisel on an empty tome of fire to get between 50 and 100 burnt pages.
– All shop amounts are now 100.000 this makes it, so you can buy up to 100.000 per purchase.
– Added a vial smash scroll in the slayer reward store for 500 slayer points.
– Updated daily task rewards and removed some old tasks and added some new tasks.
– Completing all daily tasks per category will now grant you a completion reward.
– Completing all easy tasks:

– 500k platinum tokens
– 2 5k blood money bags
– 1x key of drops

– Completing all med tasks:
– 1m platinum tokens
– 5 5k blood money bags
– 1x 35$ mystery box

– Completing all hard tasks:
– 2m platinum tokens
– 10 5k blood money bags
– 1x fortune ticket

– Completing all tasks
– 3m platinum tokens
– 1x mystery chest
– 1x exotic loot scroll

– All raids now scale hitpoints based on party size.
– The blood reaper perk now grants platinum tokens instead of coins.
– Blood money and blood tokens are no longer permitted in the trading post, you can now sell them.
– Boosted the salavian weaponry and armoury from 5% and 4% damage boost to 7% damage boost.
– The blowpipe attack distance has been changed from a maximum of 5 tiles to 7. Which means you can attack the vespula portal with a blowpipe.
– The slayer obelisk now spawns monsters in a spawn radius of 2 tiles instead of 8.
– The grand looting bag no longer triggers on npcs that are not your task.
– Animal lore beasts now have their own healing percentage. Starting at 3% for mole all the way up to 14% for Olm.
– Animal lore resources perk is now boosted based on your beast, the stronger the beast the more resources you get in return.
– The slayer obelisk now has a proper despawn timer, and the spawns are no longer player bound. Others can kill the bosses too.
– Sherlock now gives the option to complete one clue or all clues.
– Sherlock and other content that automatically takes currency from the inventory and bank now also take platinum tokens if you do not have enough coins.
– Added activity timers for all raid types, Vorkath, Alchemical hydra Zulrah and Fight caves.
– Trilogy boots and cape
– Pegasian, Eternal and Primordial boots (or)
– Added a new completionist cape called the completionist cape III, you need to have all achievements completed to wear it.
– This means that the completionist cape II has been moved down to 200 achievements completed.
– Added 100+ new achievements.
– The Elder wand now has the accuracy effect of the Tumekens shadow.
– The elder wand can now autocast spells.
– Added soulsplit and turmoil to the quick prayers.
– Bosses in member zones now count towards hotspot points.

III. Member zone

– Red topaz members can now use noted bones on altars.

– All member related monsters now drop member coins you can spent them in the shop at the beginner donator zone. Talk to Apprentice Felix to access this store.

– Added three QoL dzone teleport commands:
::sdz for sapphire
::rdz for Ruby
::ddz for dragonstone

– Added a lectern to all donator zones, you get free daily touches.
– Opal, Jade and Red topaz one per day.
– Sapphire, Emerald and ruby two per day.
– Diamond and Dragonstone three per day.
– Onyx four per day.
– Zenyte five per day.

– Added new member bosses, a specific Porazdir spawns every three hours. The Spawns rotate, each boss has it’s own rank requirement.

– Added a new members cave, the Lizardman and Hydra have a unique drop, the rest of the monsters will get a unique later.

– Added a shooting star too all member zones, you get free daily stardust by mining the star.
– Opal, Jade and Red Topaz members can mine 250 daily stardust.
– Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby members can mine 400 daily stardust.
– Diamond and Dragonstone members can mine 650 daily stardust.
– Onyx members can mine 800 daily stardust.
– Zenyte members can mine 1000 daily stardust.

– Cerberus, Zulrah and the Mini Basilisk in the member zones now drop loot for all players that did damage.


Posted January 7, 2024
Posted by: Patrick

I. Slayer
II. Trials
III. Superior zulrah & new transmutes
IV. Economy & votes
V. Patches & QoL


I. Slayer

We have added some new slayer armour and weapons, this is to target new and mid game players.
Even end game players are able to use these armours and weapons to switch up their gameplay.

– Requirement; have completed 50 slayer tasks.
– Salavian slayer helm (t1) +2% damage and +5% accuracy boost. (any combat style)
– Salavian slayer body (t1) +2% damage and +5% accuracy boost. (any combat style)
– Salavian slayer legs (t1) +2% damage and +5% accuracy boost. (any combat style)

– Requirement; have completed 250 slayer tasks.
– Salavian slayer helm (t2) +3% damage and +10% accuracy boost. (any combat style)
– Salavian slayer body (t2) +3% damage and +10% accuracy boost. (any combat style)
– Salavian slayer legs (t2) +3% damage and +10% accuracy boost. (any combat style)

– Requirement; have completed 500 slayer tasks.
– Salavian slayer helm (t3) +4% damage and +15% accuracy boost. (any combat syle)
– Salavian slayer body (t3) +4% damage and +15% accuracy boost. (any combat syle)
– Salavian slayer legs (t3) +4% damag and +15% accuracy boost. (any combat syle)

– Weapons for each combat category:
– Requirement for t1; have completed 50 slayer tasks. +3% and +5% accuracy boost.
– Requirement for t2; have completed 250 slayer tasks. +4% and +10% accuracy boost.
– Requirement for t3; have completed 500 slayer tasks. +5% and +15% accuracy boost.
– Salavian slayer bow
– Salavian slayer halberd
– Salavian slayer staff

II. Trials

We have noticed people already hit the end rank for quite awhile now so we added a bunch of new ranks including trials only jewellery.
Amulet of will +2.5% melee damage in PvM and grants +10% more coin and blood money drops. (1000 points and need the Lieutenant rank to wear)
Archwarder amulet +2.5% range damage in PvM and grants +10% more coin and blood money drops. (1000 points and need the Lieutenant rank to wear)
Ariel amulet +2.5% mage damage in PvM and grants +10% more coin and blood money drops. (1000 points and need the Lieutenant rank to wear)
Cursed amulet All amulet effects combined -> (Alchemy and need the General+ rank to wear)

Added 5 new ranks:
– Lieutenant (250 tasks completed)
– 300m coins
– special pets box
– 35$ mystery box x2
– key of drops
– General (500 tasks completed)
– 500m coins
– special pets box
– fortune ticket
– General+ (750 tasks completed)
– 1B coins
– fortune ticket x2
– mystery chest
– Bounty hunter (1000 tasks completed)
– 1.25B coins
– mystery chest x2
– 10$ bond
– Unreal (1500 tasks completed)
– 1.5B coins
– mystery chest x2
– 20$ bond

Added new rank perks:
– Murderer
– +1 points
– Slaughterer
– +2 points
– 25% chance to receive a 5$ mystery box after completing a task
– Abominable
– +4 points
– 20% chance to receive a 15$ mystery box after completing a task
– Psycho
– +6 points
– 15% chance to receive a 35$ mystery box after completing a task
– Blood born
– +8 points
– 20% chance to receive a 35$ mystery box after completing a task
– Satanic
– +10 points
– 25% chance to receive a 35$ mystery box after completing a task
– 20% chance to receive a ingredients sack.
– Lieutenant
– +12 points
– 35% chance to receive a 35$ mystery box after completing a task
– 25% chance to receive a ingredients sack.
– General
– +14 points
– 15% chance to receive a fortune ticket after completing a task
– 30% chance to receive a ingredients sack.
– General+
– +16 points
– 20% chance to receive a fortune ticket after completing a task
– 35% chance to receive a ingredients sack.
– Bounty hunter
– +18 points
– 25% chance to receive a fortune ticket after completing a task
– 40% chance to receive a ingredients sack.
– Unreal
– +20 points
– 10% chance to receive a mystery chest after completing a task
– 50% chance to receive a ingredients sack.


III. Superior zulrah & new transmutes

We have added a new superior boss for early and mid game players.
The twisted serpent spawns every 50 Zulrah kills, and has three unique drops.
All three weapons increase the respective max hit for that combat style by +20 and grants a 25% accuracy boost.
– Twisted blowpipe
– Twisted helmet
– Twisted trident

We’ve also added 6 new transmutable items, these items all target early and mid game players.
– Dark armadyl
– Dark bandos
– Blood rapier 1 tick faster then ghrazi rapier with a bleed effect.
– Elemental faceguard
– Torva (i)
– Virtus (i)

Economy & votes

We noticed that there are too many votes in-game, and people vote less.
Therefor we added new sigils to the vote shop, you can claim them only once.
– Accuracy boost sigil tier 1 to 3.
– Damage boost sigil tier 1 to 3.
– Double drop boost sigil tier 1 to 3.

We also noticed there are too many items in-game due to events, so we added the wandering merchant earlier as expected.
– Grand looting bag – Auto banks drops, +5% drop rate bonus, chance to receive 5$ mystery boxes and a very rare chance to receive mystery chest only in the wilderness PvP or Pvm kills.
– Drop roll scroll – Grants one extra drop roll when killing monsters
– Mystery luck scroll – 10% extra luck of rolling a better drop table opening mystery boxes and chests.
– Raid luck scroll – 10% added chance to purple
– Gauntlet mold – Used to put all 3 bis gloves together sage bracelet enchanted gloves and enchanted vambs into elidinis gauntlets

V. Patches & QoL

Ingredients box (Any ingredient (5/10)
– Slayer shop for 500 points
– Trial shop for 200 points
– Every 10 trial tasks
– Every 25 slayer tasks

Bug fixes:
– Amulet of blood fury and soulsplit healing have been changed:
– The damage intervals change the percentage of how much you are being healed.
– Both healing effects are capped at 30 HP.
– Fixed Exanimate crossbow protection value.
– You can no longer get a target in Ferox enclave.
– You can now use a cut onyx on a zenyte shard to form a uncut zenyte.
– Added a extra safety check to presets, when your bank is full and you have a pet out the pet won’t load from your preset.
– Combat is reset when leaving the wilderness cave, so you can get immediately attacked.
– Fixed object replacement for tree objects and thieving.
– Fixed sanguine nex collection log.
– Added checks to the tome of fire and scythe scrolls, you can no longer open them after you already claimed them.
– Fixed enraged buckler effects
– BOB will now drop items to the ground when bank is full.
– Fixed a bunch of errors that were found in the code.
– Fixed dagannoth kings KC counting twice.
– Fixed godwars dungeon aggro

– Increased bank size from 1200 to 2000 slots.
– You can now sell your junk to the general store for OSRS GE values.
– You can now sell back skilling outfits for stardust (75% sellback)
– Augmented weapons special attacks are now 100% accurate and deal 10% more damage.
– Members can now set their home teleport location with ::sethometele.
– You no longer need a frozen key to kill Nex.
– All slayer helms except syrax now only work on task, trial task counts too.
– Divine heart now has a 12 second cooldown instead of 1 minute.
– Ring of wealth now has the ability to auto-loot currency.
– Removed vote points from all content, you can now only get vote points for ::vote.
– Every weekend (friday to sunday) votes automatically double.
– Replaced the double votes at the WOGW for a double drops scroll boost.
– Buffed the following items:
– Cursed shield
– Defilied amulet
– Ghommals defender
– Cerborn boots
– Trilogy boots
– Added ::removeyt to remove your yell tag.
– Added a dynamic scroll bar for achievements.
– Considering the WOGW is always on, we changed the prices and descriptions.
– Added new collection logs
– Pet fuse box
– Wandering merchant
– Twisted serpent
– You no longer need a special rank to kill monsters in each donator zone.

Posted December 22, 2023
Posted by: Patrick

I. Xmas Quest
II. Winter Event
III. Introduction of new items
IV. Patches & QoLs

I. Xmas Quest

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!
we all been there: Everyone tells you “christmas is a wonderful time filled with happiness, love and friendship.”
RAAAH!!! Most of us actually hate christmas because of: Spending money, seeing family members you despise and acting happy!

GOOD NEWS though! You have nothing to worry about! Elidinis is here to keep you statisfied during this stressful time, with a brand new Christmas & winter event content!

To start, you must talk to Frost Jack, located south-east of edgeville bank. He will hand over a Christmas Book.

Click on the book and it will instruct you to find ELF HERMIT at the Relekka hunter area.
Hermit will instruct you to retrieve all the presents that were stolen by KRAMPUS, also known as the anti-Santa helper.

To get to Elf Hermit, go to rock crabs, run south and jump by clicking on the broken fence.
Run north-east of the rock crabs through this path:

The anti-Santa has hidden some of the “presents” under the four graves at the mausoleum.
Hermit will hand over a spade. You need this to dig up the hidden presents at the mausoleum.
to get there: Either run from canifis, or run from slayer tower.
Click the portal to get teleported to the other side.

Right click “dig/search” all the graves to spawn the zombies, kill them to loot the 4 presents.

Once you’ve looted all the four presents, you have to go back to relekka event area and speak to elf hermit.
Turn the presents in, ermit will give you another item.

Go back to the mausoleum to find anti-santa: Right click the grave and “search”.
Anti-santa will appear, use the heart crystal on anti-santa.

He will summon krampus, you must kill this npc to get the last present!

Return the last present to Elf Hermit then teleport to home and talk to Frost jack to complete the quest.

You now have access to the winter event and the winter shard store!

II. Winter Event

You must finish the Christmas Quest to get started with the winter event system.

1. Winter NPCS:
Grab a frost scimitar (t1) from the strore to kill the npcs. (if you lost your t1 weapon from the quest reward.)

You can kill up to 150 npcs in the winter zone every 24 hours.
To access this area, go to south of edgeville bank wall (next to restore pool)

World wide there will be npcs spawned (roaming), but unlike the H’ween event they will be scattered and not clumped up.
There is a 1/100 chance to spawn a superior winter monster with a better droptable. (Ice DEMONS ONLY)


You can spend the winter shards to upgrade your frost scimitar, up to (t3).
You can also buy a frost shield and ugrade it to become a frost shield (b).

2. Snowflake boss:

The snowflake boss spawns every 2 hours and has the following mechanics.

• Snowflake attacks with magic and ranged.
• Every 10 attacks he does a AoE attack, getting caught will deal 1, 50 damage. And you’ll be frozen for 5 seconds.
• When Snowflake hits 50% of it’s health he will throw snowballs and where the snowballs land will be snow.
• You have to make snowballs from the snowglobe spawning inside the area, then continue killing the boss with snowballs for the remainder of its health.
Other weapons will always be blocked.


3. Winter bottle:

Winter bottles are obtainable from:

[-] Boss drops (1/100)

[-] Raids (1/10)

[-] Slayer (1/25)

Task system works the same as the bottles already ingame. Completing a winter task will grant you 10.000 winter shards.

4. Shards exchange:
You can spend your winter shards on the winter chest at the event area, east of edgeville bank.
It costs 10k shards for each roll, when you unlocked all rewards you can reset the chest and go again.


You can also purchase a winter ticket on the website for 50$ and get better rewards.
Reward ticket only lasts for one chest, when you finish you have to buy a new ticket. NOTE: REWARDS ARE RANDOMISED!Image

Final reward will be a winter chest containing:
• Winter tbow
• Winter scythe
• Winter tumekens

III. New Items

We are also happy to introduce our new items:

• Enraged Buckler
• Ghommals Defender
• Infernal Archer (b)
• Infernal mage cape (b)
• Infernal melee cape (b)
• Skulls Staff
• Skulls Crossbow

The first 5 items are obtainable from the transmute altar.
The last 2 mentioned items in the list are obtainable from winter bottles.


IV: Patches & QoLs

• Disabled turmoil and soulsplit in tournaments.
• Fixed quick prayers.
• Fixed Galvek Tsunami attack.
• Fixed CoS hydra barrier safespot.
• Fixed the transmute system not showing all the possible transmutes.
• Made the Basilisk from CoS stronger, he was too weak.
• Fixed corp magic split attk.
• Removed the inventory options from all bonecrushers.
• Fixed the item requirements for Virtus armour.
• Filled in the goblet of fire collection log items.
• Fixed superheat magic spell checks being inverted.
• Fixed certain sigils still working in the wilderness.
• Fixed fletching logic, you can no longer use bows on logs.
• Fixed an instance issue where npcs wouldn’t be added to instances.
• Fixed receiving hotspot points when not dealing any damage.

• Added exotic loot scrolls to the raids rare reward table.
• Added all item rewards to CoX and ToB.
• Added Otto godblessed at home to convert spears and hastas.
• Added corporeal beast hotspot.
• Added two new BIS offensive shields (mid tier section).
• Added defence bonus to Turmoil.
• Updated Nex and Sanguine nex drop tables.
• Added three new mid game capes.
• Xerics champion now also acts as an Ava.

Posted December 15, 2023
Posted by: Patrick


I. Goblet of Fire
II. New Prayers
III. Galvek Pet
IV. Patches & QoL


I. Goblet of Fire

Prepare yourselves for an epic challenge as we unveil a brand-new raid! Embark on a perilous journey, face formidable foes, and discover untold treasures.
Sharpen your skills, assemble your party, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the world of Elidinis!

The new Goblet of Fire raid spawns 4 demi-bosses randomly in the maze.
You can kill them in a random order. However, you must kill them before killing Lord Voldemort.

NOTE: A dragon hunterlance, crossbow or hell’s lance is required in order to deal 100% damage on the GOF-Dragon!

When Voldemort is killed you have to go back to the beginning of the raid and loot the Gravestone.

New Raids items:

1) Enhanced Attachments
This item can be used and make the followings stronger:
– Gryffindor’s sword
– Salazar Slytherin’s locket
– Tom Riddle’s Diary

Gryffindor’s sword (B):

[-] + 30 melee damage
[-] 15% Accuracy

Salazar Slytherin’s locket (B):

[-] +10 Magic damage
[-] 15% accuracy
[-] 20% chance to heal 10% of the damage

Tom Riddle’s Diary (B):

[-] +10 Magic damage
[-] 15% accuracy
[-] Inherits Tome of Fire effect

2) Portkey

This item allows you to set a teleport destination.

3) Fusion Stone

This stone is used to transmute all the BIS helms into one, Cursed Slayer Helmet. This is what you need for the transmute:
– Syrax
– Ominous
– Feyr
– Sorcerer
– Fusion stone

Cursed Slayer Helmet

Combined effects of all the above mentioned BIS helms.


II. New Prayers

we are proud to finally introduce our new prayers as they were heavily upvoted by the community.
– Turmoil
– Soulsplit

Turmoil (lvl 95):
Increases attack by 25% and strenght by 27%.

Soulsplit (lvl 92):
PVP: 25% damage dealt is removed from the opponents prayer and added to your hitpoints.
PVM: 10% damage dealt is added to your hitpoints.

III. Galvek Pet

Galvek now drops the mini variant of himself!

The galvek pet has the following bonuses:
– 20% chance to shoot a ranged or magic attack dealing up to 10% of the initial npc’s HP.
– 45% chance to double ANY ingredient drop.

IV. Patches & QoL

Bug fixes:

– Fixed hunleff still removing HCIM status when dying to the hunleff with magic prayer.
– Fixed dismantling a empty blowpipe.
– Fixed order of Zulrah drops, which broke the drop table.
– Fixed the amount of drop rolls Zulrah gives, it’s now 2 instead of 3.
– Superiors can no longer spawn in an instance.
– Fixed psychotic crab no longer spawning.
– Fixed Rusty NPC not triggering clue scrolls.
– Fixed Sherlock taking money when exchanging elite clue scrolls without having a clue scroll.
– You can no longer store sigils in your group storage for GIM.
– Fixed slayer reward interface, you could re-buy extendable unlocks.
– Fixed burning magic logs with bonfires not counting towards the task scroll.
– Sigil of nature should now halve the farming timer.
– Fixed sigil of faith.

– You can now use pages on a tome of fire, and it will add all the pages.
– Every friday, saturday and sunday the following bonuses are live automatically.
– double exp
– double slayer points
– double bm from PvP
– You can now carry more then one clue scroll of the same type.
– Clue scrolls are now stackable.
– Changed cntrl + t tp cntrl + f (favorite teleports)
– And cntrl + t now teleports you to your last teleport.
– Added the Galvek pet.
– Added from steel to runite bar drops to raids rewards.
– Heavily increased the respawn rates of the following rocks:
– Mithril
– Adamant
– Runite
– Amethyst
– Buffed the Larran’s keys, it should now be worth opening.
– Added the abyssal sire collection log.
– Added two new daily tasks;
– Participate in a tournament and win a tournament.
– You can only join with 1 account on the same PC in any tournament.
– Added a new slayer perk Boss executioner.
– Made silas crump aggressive.
– Raised the prices of clue scroll unlocks from Sherlock.
– Added ::wcave for the wilderness slayer cave teleport.
– Buffed the Crystalline hunleff drop table.
– There is now a 1/100 chance to get a upgraded crystal weapon or armor piece.
– And a 1/8 chance to hit the uncommon table which holds all transmute materials.
– Bosses now require 1 kill for 1 hotspot point.
– Buffed all raids base rewards.
– You now get 250 coins per point you finished the raid with.
– The coins and platinum token drop has been buffed from 50m-100m to 200m-300m.
– Added point mystery boxes and chests
– Added double drop scrolls you can get between 5 and 10.
– Buffed the starter and referral box cash reward.
– Buffed the beginner casket rewards.
– Buffed daily login wizard cash rewards.
– Buffed daily tasks cash and point boxes rewards.
– You now get 10M every slayer task you complete.
– Buffed the trial task GP rewards.
– Heavily buffed the trial task GP boosts for member ranks.
– You now get 30M for claiming your vote.
– Added GP rewards to collection logs and achievements.
– Buffed coin drops from Revenants.
– Buffed the blood reaper I slayer perk.
– Buffed coin casket coin amounts.
– Changed the HP of the Crystalline Hunleff from 10.000 to 5.000.

Posted November 24, 2023
Posted by: Patrick

Screenshot_20231014_224648_Gallery.jpg (1080×538)

I. Well of good will

II. Storage

III. Member perks

IV. Avatar of destruction

V. Leaderboard

VI. New Transmute items

VII. Patches & QoL


Well of good will:

The well of good will currently has 8 types of boosts, each boost lasting 12 hours before the timer resets.

  • Double drops costing 10B globally
  • Double vote points costing 4B globally
  • Double XP costing 3B globally
  • Raid points boost (+15%) costing 3B globally
  • Double trial task points costing 3B globally
  • Double slayer points costing 3B globally
  • Double blood money when killing players costing 3B globally
  • Mystery boxes when killing players costing 3B globally

image.png (499×299)

You can see the active boosts by using the command ::boosts


We now have a storage system in place for Ultimate ironman and raids rewards.

Ultimate ironman can now participate in tournaments and LMS. All Their items will move to the storage which they can access by talking to the Ironman NPC.

The raids storage triggers if you leave your loot in the raid, this could happen during a DC, accidental logout or any other reason.

You can access the raids reward storage by opening the raids actions dialogue.


Member perks:

  • Members now receive 1 free daily slayer task reset, the higher your rank the more resets. (Does not reset streak)
  • Ruby+ members can attune one more sigil.
  • Emerald+ members now get a boost in slayer points +5 per rank
  • Emerald+ members now get a boost in trial points +1 per rank
  • Jade+ members can now fight barrows on top of the hill.
    – These drops count towards the collection log.
    – These barrows also drop barrows loop and tooth, together they make a barrows key.
    – The barrows chest can be opened at home, which drops a unique glowing key and barrows parts.
    – These barrows parts count towards the barrows collection log.
    – The barrows key has a unique collection log.
    – The glowing key is a much better crystal key and can be used on the crystal key chest.
    – This key unlocks both crystal key and glowing key collection logs.


Avatar of destruction:

The avatar of destruction is a new community based boss, you can fight him by using ::avatar.
The avatar uses melee, range and magic based attacks dealing up to 75 damage.

The avatar has four phases

  • Phase one blood spawns
    – Kill the blood spawns before you can damage the Avatar again
  • Resting phase, during this phase all incoming damage heals the Avatar.
    This phase lasts for 5×5 tick cycles and deals 100 health per cycle.
  • Healing phase, this phase spawns three ghosts that will heal for 300 health if they reach the avatar.
  • Minions phase, the Avatar will spawn minions based on the amount of players in the room up to 8 minions.


The avatar drops for everyone dealing 150 or more damage.

The following items can be dropped by the avatar.

  • Exotic loot scroll – Guarantees you a rare drop from any mystery item or key chest.
  • Tome of fire scroll – Boosts all fire spells by 75% damage and 50% accuracy (pvm only).
  • Scythe scroll – 20% chance to deal an extra hit, this hit also heals your prayer points and health.
  • Cursed necklace – +10 damage melee damage and 10% melee accuracy (pvm only).
  • Cursed ring – +10 damage melee damage and 10% melee accuracy (pvm only).
  • Cursed helmet – +10 damage melee damage and 10% melee accuracy and increases melee attack speed by 1 tick or 2 ticks wearing a full set (pvm only).
  • Cursed platebody – +10 damage melee damage and 10% melee accuracy and increases melee attack speed by 1 tick or 2 ticks wearing a full set (pvm only).
  • Cursed platelegs – +10 damage melee damage and 10% melee accuracy and increases melee attack speed by 1 tick or 2 ticks wearing a full set (pvm only).



It took sweat and tears but eventually we got it done the leaderboard!

The leaderboard is a points based system where you can buy items from a exclusive LB shop.


New Transmute items:

We have introduced a bunch of new transmutes!

  • Void (or) equipment, this equipment gives a significantly strong boost then the regular void sets.
  • A new twisted bow, the twisted bow (e) which is slightly weaker to the Sanguine twisted bow.
  • A new BIS pet called the Demented surge.
  • A new skiller pet the Dark mage.
  • New infinity robes.



Patches & QoL:

  • Added the effect for the Ring of suffering, the (i) version isn’t added yet.
  • Raids interface now has a refresh button that will send a invite to your previous team.
  • Presets interface now has a toggle to ignore your preset levels.
  • Removed PvP hotspot points from point boxes and chests.
  • You can now craft the masori max cape with the masori assembler too.
  • Fixed the visual points reward bug in the Prestige interface.
  • Fixed scroll box deleting boxes when opening.
  • Reward token exchange can no longer accept items without a token value.
  • There is now a check in place that will tell you the exchange is full and cannot hold anymore items.
  • Fixed Zulrah achievement and bottle task not counting.
  • Buffed elysian spirit shield (e) from 20% to trigger every 50%.
  • Loot keys will now loot platinum tokens.
  • You can now properly attack people that stand under each other in wilderness (DD)
  • Fixed lava syrax slayer helm max hit.
  • Fixed visual bonuses bug for salve amulets.
  • You no longer receive any loyalty points for being in the AFK zone.
  • Necromancer pet now doubles vote points and you can only use ::claimvote once every 12H.
    – You need to claim all votes at once because you can only claim once per 12 hours!
  • Fixed rune pouch not loading the 4th slot when using presets.
  • Fixed dragon knife attack speed when using special attack.
  • Barrelchest now drops the pet.
  • Removed the knockback attack from Brutal dragon event.
  • Fixed Brutal boss combat pathing
  • Fixed Mimic combat script.
  • Rune pouch now automatically restores itself after you leave LMS or a tournament.
  • Fixed vorkath not respawning in his sleeping form.
  • Fixed vorkath spitball attack sending out a new attack way to fast, even before the attack ended.
  • Fixed vorkath projectiles overall made them more smooth.
  • Fixed staffs still triggering spell when unequiping with shield.
  • You can now recolor bow of faerdhinen and blades.
  • Fixed amulet of blood fury triggering for magic and ranged.
  • The forager perk no longer works if you are afk in any way.
  • The loyalty points have been rewritten, you now get 2 points every 10 minutes. Being afk does not work.
  • Fixed the Necromancer combat script (Vote boss).
  • Added a warning message before incinerating all your items for tokens.
  • Comp capes now also have the avas effect.
  • Fixed the Hunleff drops.
  • Fixed trilogy boots run perk.
  • Slayer superiors no longer block spawns for their baby versions.
  • All superior bosses are now community based, there are no more single based superiors other then Automic spirits.
  • Infernal Kraken spawns after 100 community kills in the Kraken Cove.
  • All superior bosses HP have been changed to 5000.
  • Only one of each superior boss can now spawn.
  • Buffed raider pets
  • Buffed xerics champion
  • Buffed the raids cap from 15% to 20%
  • Boosted raids points.
  • Buffed raids common loot table, coins are now dropping between 50m and 100M.
    – You can also get 50-100m in plat tokens
    – BM now drops between 1-2k
    – fire salts between 18-35
    – blood herbs and human hear 1-10
    – you can also get a 35$ mystery box
  • Boosted daily tasks cash flow.
  • Boosted the referral box, you now get 25m, a 5$, 15$ mystery box and 1k bm bag.
  • Elite clues can now give master clues.
  • Osmumtens fang (or) is now 1 tick faster gives 50% accuracy and +15 max hit.
  • Buffed the blood bow and scythe.
  • Buffed the tournament rewards.
  • Wilderness slayer cave.