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{14th Oct 2023} New Wilderness cave, Ancient NPC’s & Weapons and more!

Posted by Patrick
October 14, 2023

I. New Wilderness Cave

II. Ancient Revenants & Ancient weapons

III. Patch Notes & QoL



I. New Wilderness Cave

We are happy to introduce the new wilderness cave (MULTI), which will be one of the best money makers in-game!

You can enter this cave by clicking on the ladder at home, right next to the bank. The entree fee costs: 10m cash.

If you kill a player inside the cave, you get the entree fee as drop (10m cash).


II. Ancient Revenants & Their unique drops

The ancient revenants are all around the cave, the higher combat revenant, the better rates for drops.


Here are some of the uniques the revenants will drop:

  • Ancient statius Warhammer
  • Ancient vesta’s longsword
  • Dark emblems (trade them over to emblem trader for cash)
  • Special pet box
  • Boosted coins & bm drops


we are still working on the multi-cave boss (ancient maledictus, this will be released in the next update)

Ancient revenants collection log has also been added!



Ancient weapons:

The ancient weapons are slightly stronger than the regular pvp weapons.

Here’s the stats of the two new weapons:


III. Patch Notes & QoL

• Fixed using bonds on players deleting the whole stack.
• Added a raids points breakdown to see all the info ::myraidspoints.
• In CoS only the players with rare loot will open the sarcophagus.
• Fixed pets breaking the raids point boost.
• Fixed Kalphite Queen not respawning.
• Fixed blood spirit not respawning a automic spirit.
• Atempted to fix the CoS gate bug. (Could either work or not)
• Fixed dusk and dawn not dropping items.
• Boosted points in CoX only in CoX (due to low HP monsters)
• Disabled pet raid point boost until further notice.
• Fixed a bunch of packet errors.
• Silenced a bunch spam on messages on production logs.
• Fixed CCE error causing Nex to break.
• Replaced kalphite slayer cave with Kalphite lair – Konar
• You can no longer use the teleport option when selecting Konar Quo Maten as slayer master. (This was never intentional to work in first place)
•  Fixed Cave Kraken and Kraken slayer task. – Konar
• Fixed charged items not properly dropping on death. This fix also includes nightmare staffs.
• Replaced gates with barriers in the Chamber of Secrets.
• Fixed fire giant weird attack animation in Catacombs.
• Fixed abyssal dagger spec.
• Rewrote the shooting stars mining process.
• The star now lasts for exactly 7 minutes after it was first mined.
• You now receive 7 stardust every 5 seconds.
• Fixed Vorkath not counting towards dragon slayer achievement and dragon task scrolls.
• Vorkath can now take damage during his poison / spitball phase.
• You can no longer place a cannon at rock crabs on the right side.
• Fixed lms broadcasting to players outside of lms.
• Removed the superior boss despawn timer.
• You can no longer teleport with a wilderness key, not even in safe zones.
• Cleared objects being in memory when killing Hydra in COS.
• Reworked decreasing charges, they are now based on Hits.
• Fixed the emblem trader still telling you will get blood money instead of coins.
• Harmonised nightmare staff now only triggers faster pace on the normal spellbook.
• Bows that do not require ammo will no longer shoot bolt and arrow effects.
• Fixed a bunch of clue scroll steps not triggering.
• You can no longer first initiate attack when being a wilderness key holder.
• Fixed blighted surge sacks.
• bind chains to players to the Ancient wyvern shield and dragonfire shield spec. This should solve any issues with the shield special attacks.
• Enchanted ava’s assembler is now considered a “ava”.
• Lizardman shaman poison attack will no longer have any effect if you are anti-poisoned.
• Shifted the chamber of secrets reward chest ids, this solved COS rewards showing in TOB.
• The crafting guild teleport now teleports you outside.
• The crafting guild door is now properly working.
• Reworked bolt enchanting, you now need to click on “Enchant crossbow bolt”, it does not popup a interface like OSRS does. Will be added later, not a priority, it will enchant the first bolt it can find.
So if you bring 3 types of bolts to enchant the first one it finds will be enchanted first. All you have to do is click on the spell, it’s very fast.
• The cart in Brimhaven will now bring you to Shilo Village.
• Hajedy will do the same when you click on pay fare, no payment required.
• Fixed current holded loot key amount not changing for ironman when using keys on mains.
• If you lost your animal lore beast, you can now re-purchase it cost free.
• Fixed scythe of vitur strength bonus.
• Fixed lizardman slayer task. – Konar
• Added amulet of avarice damage and accuracy effect.
• Fixed heavy ballista ornament kit.
• Fixed small cooking dupe.
• Fixed a bunch of CoS safespots.
• Fixed Callisto, Vetíon and Venenatis.