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{15th Dec, 2023} Goblet of Fire, New Prayers, Galvek pet, New Daily task and more!

Posted by Patrick
December 15, 2023


I. Goblet of Fire
II. New Prayers
III. Galvek Pet
IV. Patches & QoL


I. Goblet of Fire

Prepare yourselves for an epic challenge as we unveil a brand-new raid! Embark on a perilous journey, face formidable foes, and discover untold treasures.
Sharpen your skills, assemble your party, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the world of Elidinis!

The new Goblet of Fire raid spawns 4 demi-bosses randomly in the maze.
You can kill them in a random order. However, you must kill them before killing Lord Voldemort.

NOTE: A dragon hunterlance, crossbow or hell’s lance is required in order to deal 100% damage on the GOF-Dragon!

When Voldemort is killed you have to go back to the beginning of the raid and loot the Gravestone.

New Raids items:

1) Enhanced Attachments
This item can be used and make the followings stronger:
– Gryffindor’s sword
– Salazar Slytherin’s locket
– Tom Riddle’s Diary

Gryffindor’s sword (B):

[-] + 30 melee damage
[-] 15% Accuracy

Salazar Slytherin’s locket (B):

[-] +10 Magic damage
[-] 15% accuracy
[-] 20% chance to heal 10% of the damage

Tom Riddle’s Diary (B):

[-] +10 Magic damage
[-] 15% accuracy
[-] Inherits Tome of Fire effect

2) Portkey

This item allows you to set a teleport destination.

3) Fusion Stone

This stone is used to transmute all the BIS helms into one, Cursed Slayer Helmet. This is what you need for the transmute:
– Syrax
– Ominous
– Feyr
– Sorcerer
– Fusion stone

Cursed Slayer Helmet

Combined effects of all the above mentioned BIS helms.


II. New Prayers

we are proud to finally introduce our new prayers as they were heavily upvoted by the community.
– Turmoil
– Soulsplit

Turmoil (lvl 95):
Increases attack by 25% and strenght by 27%.

Soulsplit (lvl 92):
PVP: 25% damage dealt is removed from the opponents prayer and added to your hitpoints.
PVM: 10% damage dealt is added to your hitpoints.

III. Galvek Pet

Galvek now drops the mini variant of himself!

The galvek pet has the following bonuses:
– 20% chance to shoot a ranged or magic attack dealing up to 10% of the initial npc’s HP.
– 45% chance to double ANY ingredient drop.

IV. Patches & QoL

Bug fixes:

– Fixed hunleff still removing HCIM status when dying to the hunleff with magic prayer.
– Fixed dismantling a empty blowpipe.
– Fixed order of Zulrah drops, which broke the drop table.
– Fixed the amount of drop rolls Zulrah gives, it’s now 2 instead of 3.
– Superiors can no longer spawn in an instance.
– Fixed psychotic crab no longer spawning.
– Fixed Rusty NPC not triggering clue scrolls.
– Fixed Sherlock taking money when exchanging elite clue scrolls without having a clue scroll.
– You can no longer store sigils in your group storage for GIM.
– Fixed slayer reward interface, you could re-buy extendable unlocks.
– Fixed burning magic logs with bonfires not counting towards the task scroll.
– Sigil of nature should now halve the farming timer.
– Fixed sigil of faith.

– You can now use pages on a tome of fire, and it will add all the pages.
– Every friday, saturday and sunday the following bonuses are live automatically.
– double exp
– double slayer points
– double bm from PvP
– You can now carry more then one clue scroll of the same type.
– Clue scrolls are now stackable.
– Changed cntrl + t tp cntrl + f (favorite teleports)
– And cntrl + t now teleports you to your last teleport.
– Added the Galvek pet.
– Added from steel to runite bar drops to raids rewards.
– Heavily increased the respawn rates of the following rocks:
– Mithril
– Adamant
– Runite
– Amethyst
– Buffed the Larran’s keys, it should now be worth opening.
– Added the abyssal sire collection log.
– Added two new daily tasks;
– Participate in a tournament and win a tournament.
– You can only join with 1 account on the same PC in any tournament.
– Added a new slayer perk Boss executioner.
– Made silas crump aggressive.
– Raised the prices of clue scroll unlocks from Sherlock.
– Added ::wcave for the wilderness slayer cave teleport.
– Buffed the Crystalline hunleff drop table.
– There is now a 1/100 chance to get a upgraded crystal weapon or armor piece.
– And a 1/8 chance to hit the uncommon table which holds all transmute materials.
– Bosses now require 1 kill for 1 hotspot point.
– Buffed all raids base rewards.
– You now get 250 coins per point you finished the raid with.
– The coins and platinum token drop has been buffed from 50m-100m to 200m-300m.
– Added point mystery boxes and chests
– Added double drop scrolls you can get between 5 and 10.
– Buffed the starter and referral box cash reward.
– Buffed the beginner casket rewards.
– Buffed daily login wizard cash rewards.
– Buffed daily tasks cash and point boxes rewards.
– You now get 10M every slayer task you complete.
– Buffed the trial task GP rewards.
– Heavily buffed the trial task GP boosts for member ranks.
– You now get 30M for claiming your vote.
– Added GP rewards to collection logs and achievements.
– Buffed coin drops from Revenants.
– Buffed the blood reaper I slayer perk.
– Buffed coin casket coin amounts.
– Changed the HP of the Crystalline Hunleff from 10.000 to 5.000.