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{21th Oct 2023} Combat system rework, Patch notes & QoL

Posted by Patrick
October 21, 2023

Wazguuuuud folks!

The staff team have been working on the combat system and the accuracy formula for the past 3 days, to make sure everything is stable combat wise. We decided to do this because most of our current weapons and armour were very un-balanced, which caused people to hit alot more than it was supposed to be. The max hits of weapons was never supposed to hit above 200’s as that would have made it harder for us to balance any new content that we’ll drop. However, ever since the accuracy formula balance, we’ll now be able to implement new weapons and gear in the future without any issues.


Our sincere apologies for the confusion we caused with the un-balanced formulas. We’ll make it up to you guys with the future updates we have planned, stay fk’n tuned ya ziggies!(ΦωΦ)


Patch notes & QoL

  • Melee max hit rework
  • Range max hit rework
  • Magic max hit rework
  • Fixed larran’s key perk.
  • Fixed raids collection logs.
  • Renamed alchemy item names and fixed the granite maul spec.
  • You can no longer mage and range Tekton or Bloat.
  • Fixed blood money bag and reward token bag removing all bags instead of 1.
  • Fixed ground items being cleared in every instance.
  • Fixed antique dragon not giving bonus trial points.
  • The corporeal beast in member zone no longer reduces damage.
  • Fixed a error in the trading post which caused visual bugs.
  • Fixed the promo interface not properly working anymore.
  • Fixed augmented bow being 1 tick to fast.
  • Changed totemic alchemy ingredients.
  • Changed trilogy boots alchemy ingredients.
  • Login server optimization.
  • Network optimization to prevent DC’s.
  • Trilogy boots are now auto-keep and have infinite run energy.

Client optimization (Client restart not required, however recommended):

  • Optimized packets
  • Optimized client performance
  • Renamed some custom item names.