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{22 Dec, 2023} Christmas Quest, Winter event, New items and more!

Posted by Patrick
December 22, 2023

I. Xmas Quest
II. Winter Event
III. Introduction of new items
IV. Patches & QoLs

I. Xmas Quest

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!
we all been there: Everyone tells you “christmas is a wonderful time filled with happiness, love and friendship.”
RAAAH!!! Most of us actually hate christmas because of: Spending money, seeing family members you despise and acting happy!

GOOD NEWS though! You have nothing to worry about! Elidinis is here to keep you statisfied during this stressful time, with a brand new Christmas & winter event content!

To start, you must talk to Frost Jack, located south-east of edgeville bank. He will hand over a Christmas Book.

Click on the book and it will instruct you to find ELF HERMIT at the Relekka hunter area.
Hermit will instruct you to retrieve all the presents that were stolen by KRAMPUS, also known as the anti-Santa helper.

To get to Elf Hermit, go to rock crabs, run south and jump by clicking on the broken fence.
Run north-east of the rock crabs through this path:

The anti-Santa has hidden some of the “presents” under the four graves at the mausoleum.
Hermit will hand over a spade. You need this to dig up the hidden presents at the mausoleum.
to get there: Either run from canifis, or run from slayer tower.
Click the portal to get teleported to the other side.

Right click “dig/search” all the graves to spawn the zombies, kill them to loot the 4 presents.

Once you’ve looted all the four presents, you have to go back to relekka event area and speak to elf hermit.
Turn the presents in, ermit will give you another item.

Go back to the mausoleum to find anti-santa: Right click the grave and “search”.
Anti-santa will appear, use the heart crystal on anti-santa.

He will summon krampus, you must kill this npc to get the last present!

Return the last present to Elf Hermit then teleport to home and talk to Frost jack to complete the quest.

You now have access to the winter event and the winter shard store!

II. Winter Event

You must finish the Christmas Quest to get started with the winter event system.

1. Winter NPCS:
Grab a frost scimitar (t1) from the strore to kill the npcs. (if you lost your t1 weapon from the quest reward.)

You can kill up to 150 npcs in the winter zone every 24 hours.
To access this area, go to south of edgeville bank wall (next to restore pool)

World wide there will be npcs spawned (roaming), but unlike the H’ween event they will be scattered and not clumped up.
There is a 1/100 chance to spawn a superior winter monster with a better droptable. (Ice DEMONS ONLY)


You can spend the winter shards to upgrade your frost scimitar, up to (t3).
You can also buy a frost shield and ugrade it to become a frost shield (b).

2. Snowflake boss:

The snowflake boss spawns every 2 hours and has the following mechanics.

• Snowflake attacks with magic and ranged.
• Every 10 attacks he does a AoE attack, getting caught will deal 1, 50 damage. And you’ll be frozen for 5 seconds.
• When Snowflake hits 50% of it’s health he will throw snowballs and where the snowballs land will be snow.
• You have to make snowballs from the snowglobe spawning inside the area, then continue killing the boss with snowballs for the remainder of its health.
Other weapons will always be blocked.


3. Winter bottle:

Winter bottles are obtainable from:

[-] Boss drops (1/100)

[-] Raids (1/10)

[-] Slayer (1/25)

Task system works the same as the bottles already ingame. Completing a winter task will grant you 10.000 winter shards.

4. Shards exchange:
You can spend your winter shards on the winter chest at the event area, east of edgeville bank.
It costs 10k shards for each roll, when you unlocked all rewards you can reset the chest and go again.


You can also purchase a winter ticket on the website for 50$ and get better rewards.
Reward ticket only lasts for one chest, when you finish you have to buy a new ticket. NOTE: REWARDS ARE RANDOMISED!Image

Final reward will be a winter chest containing:
• Winter tbow
• Winter scythe
• Winter tumekens

III. New Items

We are also happy to introduce our new items:

• Enraged Buckler
• Ghommals Defender
• Infernal Archer (b)
• Infernal mage cape (b)
• Infernal melee cape (b)
• Skulls Staff
• Skulls Crossbow

The first 5 items are obtainable from the transmute altar.
The last 2 mentioned items in the list are obtainable from winter bottles.


IV: Patches & QoLs

• Disabled turmoil and soulsplit in tournaments.
• Fixed quick prayers.
• Fixed Galvek Tsunami attack.
• Fixed CoS hydra barrier safespot.
• Fixed the transmute system not showing all the possible transmutes.
• Made the Basilisk from CoS stronger, he was too weak.
• Fixed corp magic split attk.
• Removed the inventory options from all bonecrushers.
• Fixed the item requirements for Virtus armour.
• Filled in the goblet of fire collection log items.
• Fixed superheat magic spell checks being inverted.
• Fixed certain sigils still working in the wilderness.
• Fixed fletching logic, you can no longer use bows on logs.
• Fixed an instance issue where npcs wouldn’t be added to instances.
• Fixed receiving hotspot points when not dealing any damage.

• Added exotic loot scrolls to the raids rare reward table.
• Added all item rewards to CoX and ToB.
• Added Otto godblessed at home to convert spears and hastas.
• Added corporeal beast hotspot.
• Added two new BIS offensive shields (mid tier section).
• Added defence bonus to Turmoil.
• Updated Nex and Sanguine nex drop tables.
• Added three new mid game capes.
• Xerics champion now also acts as an Ava.