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{25 Nov 2023} New content, Patches & QoL

Posted by Patrick
November 24, 2023

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I. Well of good will

II. Storage

III. Member perks

IV. Avatar of destruction

V. Leaderboard

VI. New Transmute items

VII. Patches & QoL


Well of good will:

The well of good will currently has 8 types of boosts, each boost lasting 12 hours before the timer resets.

  • Double drops costing 10B globally
  • Double vote points costing 4B globally
  • Double XP costing 3B globally
  • Raid points boost (+15%) costing 3B globally
  • Double trial task points costing 3B globally
  • Double slayer points costing 3B globally
  • Double blood money when killing players costing 3B globally
  • Mystery boxes when killing players costing 3B globally

image.png (499×299)

You can see the active boosts by using the command ::boosts


We now have a storage system in place for Ultimate ironman and raids rewards.

Ultimate ironman can now participate in tournaments and LMS. All Their items will move to the storage which they can access by talking to the Ironman NPC.

The raids storage triggers if you leave your loot in the raid, this could happen during a DC, accidental logout or any other reason.

You can access the raids reward storage by opening the raids actions dialogue.


Member perks:

  • Members now receive 1 free daily slayer task reset, the higher your rank the more resets. (Does not reset streak)
  • Ruby+ members can attune one more sigil.
  • Emerald+ members now get a boost in slayer points +5 per rank
  • Emerald+ members now get a boost in trial points +1 per rank
  • Jade+ members can now fight barrows on top of the hill.
    – These drops count towards the collection log.
    – These barrows also drop barrows loop and tooth, together they make a barrows key.
    – The barrows chest can be opened at home, which drops a unique glowing key and barrows parts.
    – These barrows parts count towards the barrows collection log.
    – The barrows key has a unique collection log.
    – The glowing key is a much better crystal key and can be used on the crystal key chest.
    – This key unlocks both crystal key and glowing key collection logs.


Avatar of destruction:

The avatar of destruction is a new community based boss, you can fight him by using ::avatar.
The avatar uses melee, range and magic based attacks dealing up to 75 damage.

The avatar has four phases

  • Phase one blood spawns
    – Kill the blood spawns before you can damage the Avatar again
  • Resting phase, during this phase all incoming damage heals the Avatar.
    This phase lasts for 5×5 tick cycles and deals 100 health per cycle.
  • Healing phase, this phase spawns three ghosts that will heal for 300 health if they reach the avatar.
  • Minions phase, the Avatar will spawn minions based on the amount of players in the room up to 8 minions.


The avatar drops for everyone dealing 150 or more damage.

The following items can be dropped by the avatar.

  • Exotic loot scroll – Guarantees you a rare drop from any mystery item or key chest.
  • Tome of fire scroll – Boosts all fire spells by 75% damage and 50% accuracy (pvm only).
  • Scythe scroll – 20% chance to deal an extra hit, this hit also heals your prayer points and health.
  • Cursed necklace – +10 damage melee damage and 10% melee accuracy (pvm only).
  • Cursed ring – +10 damage melee damage and 10% melee accuracy (pvm only).
  • Cursed helmet – +10 damage melee damage and 10% melee accuracy and increases melee attack speed by 1 tick or 2 ticks wearing a full set (pvm only).
  • Cursed platebody – +10 damage melee damage and 10% melee accuracy and increases melee attack speed by 1 tick or 2 ticks wearing a full set (pvm only).
  • Cursed platelegs – +10 damage melee damage and 10% melee accuracy and increases melee attack speed by 1 tick or 2 ticks wearing a full set (pvm only).



It took sweat and tears but eventually we got it done the leaderboard!

The leaderboard is a points based system where you can buy items from a exclusive LB shop.


New Transmute items:

We have introduced a bunch of new transmutes!

  • Void (or) equipment, this equipment gives a significantly strong boost then the regular void sets.
  • A new twisted bow, the twisted bow (e) which is slightly weaker to the Sanguine twisted bow.
  • A new BIS pet called the Demented surge.
  • A new skiller pet the Dark mage.
  • New infinity robes.



Patches & QoL:

  • Added the effect for the Ring of suffering, the (i) version isn’t added yet.
  • Raids interface now has a refresh button that will send a invite to your previous team.
  • Presets interface now has a toggle to ignore your preset levels.
  • Removed PvP hotspot points from point boxes and chests.
  • You can now craft the masori max cape with the masori assembler too.
  • Fixed the visual points reward bug in the Prestige interface.
  • Fixed scroll box deleting boxes when opening.
  • Reward token exchange can no longer accept items without a token value.
  • There is now a check in place that will tell you the exchange is full and cannot hold anymore items.
  • Fixed Zulrah achievement and bottle task not counting.
  • Buffed elysian spirit shield (e) from 20% to trigger every 50%.
  • Loot keys will now loot platinum tokens.
  • You can now properly attack people that stand under each other in wilderness (DD)
  • Fixed lava syrax slayer helm max hit.
  • Fixed visual bonuses bug for salve amulets.
  • You no longer receive any loyalty points for being in the AFK zone.
  • Necromancer pet now doubles vote points and you can only use ::claimvote once every 12H.
    – You need to claim all votes at once because you can only claim once per 12 hours!
  • Fixed rune pouch not loading the 4th slot when using presets.
  • Fixed dragon knife attack speed when using special attack.
  • Barrelchest now drops the pet.
  • Removed the knockback attack from Brutal dragon event.
  • Fixed Brutal boss combat pathing
  • Fixed Mimic combat script.
  • Rune pouch now automatically restores itself after you leave LMS or a tournament.
  • Fixed vorkath not respawning in his sleeping form.
  • Fixed vorkath spitball attack sending out a new attack way to fast, even before the attack ended.
  • Fixed vorkath projectiles overall made them more smooth.
  • Fixed staffs still triggering spell when unequiping with shield.
  • You can now recolor bow of faerdhinen and blades.
  • Fixed amulet of blood fury triggering for magic and ranged.
  • The forager perk no longer works if you are afk in any way.
  • The loyalty points have been rewritten, you now get 2 points every 10 minutes. Being afk does not work.
  • Fixed the Necromancer combat script (Vote boss).
  • Added a warning message before incinerating all your items for tokens.
  • Comp capes now also have the avas effect.
  • Fixed the Hunleff drops.
  • Fixed trilogy boots run perk.
  • Slayer superiors no longer block spawns for their baby versions.
  • All superior bosses are now community based, there are no more single based superiors other then Automic spirits.
  • Infernal Kraken spawns after 100 community kills in the Kraken Cove.
  • All superior bosses HP have been changed to 5000.
  • Only one of each superior boss can now spawn.
  • Buffed raider pets
  • Buffed xerics champion
  • Buffed the raids cap from 15% to 20%
  • Boosted raids points.
  • Buffed raids common loot table, coins are now dropping between 50m and 100M.
    – You can also get 50-100m in plat tokens
    – BM now drops between 1-2k
    – fire salts between 18-35
    – blood herbs and human hear 1-10
    – you can also get a 35$ mystery box
  • Boosted daily tasks cash flow.
  • Boosted the referral box, you now get 25m, a 5$, 15$ mystery box and 1k bm bag.
  • Elite clues can now give master clues.
  • Osmumtens fang (or) is now 1 tick faster gives 50% accuracy and +15 max hit.
  • Buffed the blood bow and scythe.
  • Buffed the tournament rewards.
  • Wilderness slayer cave.