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{28th Oct 2023} Halloween Event, NPC Drop simulator and more.

Posted by Patrick
October 26, 2023

I. H’ween Event

II. NPC Drop simulator

III. Patches & QoL


I. Halloween Event

Embrace the mystic ambiance of the season with Elidinis’s Holiday Event! Dive into a world where evil creatures like the hween seasonal skeleton, ghosts and vampires are roaming all over Elidinis, including the wilderness!

How to get started

I. Teacher and Pupil

II. Roaming creatures

III. Grim reaper world boss


First of, you want to talk to the teacher and pupil south-east of home. (pumpkin icon on the minimap)


You can start doing the mini h’ween task by bringing back the hard-earned candy to the teacher and pupil, or you can trade the npc to get the beginner weapons to kill the evil creatures out there!

You get rewarded by bringing back the candy to Teacher and pupil, see below:

• common candy = 5$ mbox
• uncommon candy = 15$ mbox
• rare candy = 35$ mbox
• ult rare candy = mystery ticket or mystery chest 10% chance on the chest

You also have a chance of rolling:

H’ween Casket = contains random seasonal items, and a small chance of a scythe of vitur

Here’s a little showcase of the h’ween weapons from the store:


Halloween Creatures

The creatures roam in cities teleports, but most of the creatures are roaming in the wilderness. Here’s how it looks in the minimap:








All of the above mentioned creatures drop ecto tokens. You can spent these tokens in the h’ween shop.



Dracula Imp


The dracula imps are also roaming all over the place. Once you catch an imp, you get hunter experience and rewards like:

• 1/500 chance 35 box

• 1/200 15$ box

• 1/100 chance for 5$ box

if you do not roll these you get BM in wilderness and coins outside of wilderness.


Halloween donation special

  • Halloween store bonus: HWEEN for 20% off
  • every 10 spent you receive a 5$ hween mbox
  • every 100 spent you receive a hween casket, which has a 1/20 chance to give a scythe of vitur (uncharged)


Grim Reaper world boss


This halloween world boss spawns every 2h 30m.

Here’s the droptable of this world boss:




II. Brand new LIVE drop simulator

You can now simulate drops from a npc with your % droprate bonus. This will show the loot of 100 kills.




III. Patches & QoL

– Optimized server startup time, went from 15 seconds startup time to 4 seconds.
– Optimized packet sending (prevents DC’s)
– Reworked the server shutdown logic
– Cleanup database spam
– Fixed instance cleanup

Bug fixes:
– Fixed minimap going black upon login.
– Fixed trilogy boots alchemy ingredients.
– Fixed amulet of averice (e) bonuses.
– Fixed an exploit where people would pre-use overloads and divine potions in duel arena.
– Fixed crystal armour (e) pieces formula.
– Fixed the Augmented staff not having the same magic boost as Tumekens shadow.
– Fixed an old Healing Hit issue, a monster could die but heal at the same time. NPC/PLAYER would visually die with XX HP.
– Fixed region changes removing lever objects.
– Fixed/Balanced Vesta’s longsword and Ancient Vesta’s longsword special attacks.
– All jar items now announce.
– Holy scythe of vitur received a 50% boost in accuracy and a +10 in max hit.
– Fixed ancient revenants collection log auto completing when you completed normal revs.
– Fixed hunleff collection log.
– Fixed Callisto and Artio KC in collection logs.
– Fixed visual cost of mr enchantment and more coins when thieving slayer perks.
– Fixed Abyssal demon teleporting.
– Fixed soulreaper axe not sending the correct price.
– Made revenant emblems tradeable.
– Ferox boundaries have been fixed.
– Fixed Redemption, Phoenix necklace and Ring of life not triggering on time.
– Fixed Venom Immunity.
– Fixed ::bank, it now has a 10 tick delay.
– Fixed task trial error, preventing players from getting new tasks.
– Properly fixed raid point boosts for pets.
– Fixed divine heart.
– Fixed duplicate materials in the Elemental dragon colllection log.
– Fixed spindel, venenatis, callisto, artio, calvarion and vetion safe spots.
– Fixed imbue scrolls in the BH shop.
– Fixed ursine chainmace special attack.
– Increased the scrollbar for the PVM achievements, Zulrah III was missing.
– Fixed Armadyl, Saradomin, Zamorak godsword and dragon claws special attack accuracy.
– Fixed enchanted looting bag.
– Fixed raids party clearing when the owner teleports. You should now be able to loot regardless if the people leave or stay.
– Fixed loot keys deleting items from the game.


– Changed enchanted vambraces to 50% chance.
– Changed voidwaker (a) ingredients.
– Removed all pet options, the only option pets now have is pick-up.
– You can now set your tenacious pet pick up value by using the command: ::stv.
– Vote tickets and any blood money form can now be staked.
– Added dragon axe to the skilling goodie bag.
– You can now simulate up to 100 drops in the drops viewer.
– Made animal lore crystals and souls stackable.
– Eldinis ring is now 100% success rate.
– Scythe of vitur received a 35% boost in accuracy and a +5 in max hit.
– Recolored the Grim reaper boss and it’s pet.
– Reworked drop tables for the halloween foes and the boss.
– Added black ankou and light blue ankou.
– Tenacious pet cannot loot halloween items.
– You can now setup a cannon at the dagannoths.
– The augmented sceptre is now a 5 tick staff, but the damage boost increased by 25 damage.
– Added ::doublevp to toggle double vote points as event.
– Ancient and dark ancient emblems are now auto lost on death.
– Updated to latest OSRS, this also made Larran’s keys tradeable.
– You can now choose between killing krakens in the wilderness or safezone.
– In the wilderness are no tentacles.
– Removed a bunch of clue scroll steps, some that were not worth fixing.
– Only write items on death to the interface when we acutally have a looting bag or rune pouch with us.
– You can now recolor crystal armour, crystal of hefin and crystal of meilyr does not work.
– Buffed vote mystery box rewards.
– Added 6 new daily tasks; Barrelchest, Artio, Calvar’ion, Spindel, Krakens and Elder chaos druids.
– The barrelchest will now spawn a Elemental barrelchest every 25 kills.
– You can now use CNTRL+H to teleport to home.
– Added serpent helmet (I) to the Alchemy altar.
– CoS and CoX bosses now drop supplies on death.
– The challenger exp mode got buffed;
– You now get 5 prestige points per prestige.
– As challenger exp mode you can attune 4 sigls.
– As challenger exp mode slayer superiors have a spawn rate of 1/15 instead of 1/25.
– Amulet of avarive now gives 2.5% drop rate boost in level 25 or higher wilderness.
– The entire top five now receives placement points when participating in a tournament. +1 point for each placement, 5th gives 1, 4th 2, 3rd 3, 2nd 2 and winning gives 5.
– You can now swap your spellbook outside of the wild:
– ::veng -> lunars
– ::barrage -> ancients
– ::tb -> normals