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{4th Nov 2023} Halloween event rework, patches & QoL

Posted by Patrick
November 4, 2023

I. Halloween event rework

II. Halloween Leaderboard

III. Patches & QoL


I. Halloween rework

We have an exciting update regarding the Halloween event! Moving forward, only Halloween monsters will grant tokens and candies. The amount of candies brought in by afking regular monsters was an oversight from us, and was not intentional.


II. Halloween Leaderboard

To make things even more thrilling, we have implemented a brand new leaderboard system to track your progress. Rest assured, all your hard-earned tokens and candies will be recorded in this system.


At the conclusion of the event (which will restart for 10 days after the update), we will be rewarding the top three participants with fantastic prizes:


《#1》 will have the opportunity to choose a custom pet with two existing effects.


《#2》 will be able to personalize a weapon of their choice, with the exception that it cannot be augmented unless they already possess one.


《#3》will receive $150 worth of bonds.


III. Patches & QoL

• Ultimate ironman can no longer interact with tournaments. (Storage will be added later)

• Removed candies and tokens from non h’ween event npcs and activities.

• Buffed candy and tokens drops from halloween foes.

• Fixed daily login rewards, you can no longer claim on more then one account.

• Rewrote group ironman:

• Invitation

• Group storage

• Every single group iron man can now access the bank at the same time.

• Fixed blood spirits respawning automic spirits in the same location.

•Fixed blowpipe charging.

• Added a leaderboard for halloween event, it records token drops and candies. (Ranking is based on tokens not candies)

• Made Elidinis’ ring tradeable.

• Made ancient warrior weapons tradeable.

• Supports can now teleto players and unjail.

• You can no longer craft gems with a glassblowing pipe.

• Fixed the bone whip item requirement.

• Fixed blood fury still healing ranged and magic attacks.

• Added a new instant pker game mode (maxes combat).

• Instant pkers cannot prestige combat skills.

• Cleaned up combat accuracy.

• Dwarf cannon can no longer hit more then 30 or 35 with the perk.

• Sigils can no longer be attuned in the wilderness.

• Killer’s dagger is capped at 35 damage.

• Key of drops and Grand key of drops now work again on fortune tickets.