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Back to old ownership – Plan of revival

Posted by Patrick
May 28, 2024

Hello players of Elidinis,

First and foremost I want to thank Reece (Respire) for keeping the game running whilst Rambo and I was trying to sort out business.

Sadly Rambo and I couldn’t finalize our business deal and the sale has collapsed. We are still friends don’t get me wrong, there is no bad blood between the two of us.

Well let’s jump straight into the future of Elidinis and what is going to happen these coming weeks/months.

I’ve made a personal roadmap of things that are going to take place, here is a short list of what is going to happen:

  • * Combat overhaul (A complete combat overhaul on max-hits as well as combat accuracy)
    right now the combat is in a bad shape, this was already the case many months ago before I left.
    With this overhaul there will be more room for updates, which will happen shortly.
  • * The reported bugs that have been pending for many months have all been fixed.
  • * QoL
    There have been some requests pending past weeks that I’ve added to the game:
    – Animation when auto-looting ground items (drops)
    – Sparkling effect on diamond+ member ranks.
  • * Mystery boxes and Mystery items
    All of the mystery boxes and items will be reworked by the staff team and will include player feedback.
  • * Interfaces rework
    So far I’ve reworked three interfaces:
    – Teleporting
    – Trading post
    – NPC drop viewer
    with more to come such as:
    – Preset
    – Promotional interface
  • * Elidinis merchant
    I’ve gone ahead and added a “Elidinis merchant” a NPC that gives coins for your items.
    Item prices have been set by the staff team, and are subject to change. This can be done whilst the game is running with a simple ::reload command.
  • * Wandering merchant rework
    For many months the wandering merchant has been neglected and the staff team wrote up a very nice rework.
    – You can now only complete each task once per week.
    – Reward tokens have been buffed when completing your task.
    – Task names have been renamed, the task names didn’t make any sense.
    – The actual tasks have been edited for our current economy.
    – New shop rewards have been added:
    – Unbound tonic; Grants +2.5% drop rate bonus after completing all four tasks, tasks reset weekly so will this boost.
    – Burdened elixir; Grants 10% extra raids points and buffs the raids points cap by 10% for 1 hour. (You can only purchase three per week)
    – Wanderers ring; When worn. you have a 10% chance to save one item.
    – Insurance scroll; When using the insurance scroll you will receive 1/3rd bonus tokens when completing a task. (You can only purchase three per week)
    – Hotspot scroll; Your hotspot points will be doubled for an hour.  (You can only purchase two per week)
    – Trials scroll; Your trial task kills will be doubled for an hour.  (You can only purchase two per week)
    – Member coins elixir; Your member coin drops will be doubled for an hour.  (You can only purchase three per week)
    – Burdened mystery box; This special mystery box has an exclusive table of rewards that cannot be obtained from any other reward tables in the game. (You can only purchase two per week)
    – Burdened phalanx; Attaches to a Osmumten’s fang granting it 1 tick increased speed, 10% bonus accuracy and damage.
    – Blessing of protection; 10% chance to ignore all incoming damage.
    – Blessing of lore; Boosts your animal lore beast bonuses by 10%.
    – Blessing of volatility; 15% chance to deal a extra hit with a max hit of 50% of the damage.
    – Omnipotent blessing; Prayer drains 3 times slower as per usual.
    – Cursed quiver; You can store ammo in the quiver and your ranged accuracy and damage will be increased by 10%.
    – Pendant of affliction; Grants 10% drop rate boost and increases your accuracy and damage by 10% in any combat style.
  • Stardust boss
    A new boss that will drop a variety of skilling outfits and has a chance to drop the ring of charos (a)
  • Animal lore rework
    A complete overhaul on the Animal lore skill based on previous suggestions.
  • A new vote boss
    A boss that you can kill three times per day after voting.
  • A upgrade system where you can upgrade your BIS items
    This system allows you to upgrade all the BIS items into a stronger version.
  • Raids rework
    Raids will be reworked with more features and difficulties.

All of the topics that have a “*” have already been finished and will be included in the first update. No specific ETA yet but trying to push between 31st of May and 4th of June.

Further more after all of the updates are LIVE, I will hire banners and people to make videos to re-advertise Elidinis.

The coming weeks we will work on bringing old players back and assemble an advertising budget.

There is a long road ahead to regain your trust, which I understand if you can grant me time, by August Elidinis will be popping again.

We’re also going to drop a massive Summer event with many in-game prizes as well as Cash/OSGP prizes.
This event is set to start on the 19th of July util 30th of August.

Kind regards,