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Bug fixes, new content & more.

Posted by Patrick
June 7, 2024

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I. Bug fixes
II. QoL and suggestions
III. Vote boss
IV. Wandering merchant rework
V. Interface rework
VI. Combat rework


I. Bug fixes

– Fixed wording error in the Farming skill.
– Fixed the durability of corrupted augmented weapons.
– Fixed dwarf cannon loading more cannon balls as possible.
– Added the blood money scroll ability.
– Fixed slayer task boost scroll ending before the timer.
– Fixed wilderness key not spawning.
– Fixed blood spirits spawning more automic spirits in the dragonstone zone.
– Fixed wilderness not having any automic spirit respawns.
– Looting bag, Rune pouch and beast of burden will no longer count towards protect prayers.
– Fixed the Holey Moley III achievement.
– Fixed bolt special attacks not triggering properly
– Aggression spells no longer work in member zones and on npcs lower than level 100 combat.
– Fixed item IDs of a handful custom items such as defiled.
– Fixed ancestral glyph in the Inferno.
– Fixed raids rewards flooding the game, We now have a proper system that also scales based on party members.
– Fixed corporeal beast spear function


II. QoL and suggestions

– You can now transfer vote tickets by using them on players.
– Pets and looting bags that auto-pickup items from the ground now have a animation when picking up items.
– You have to set your pick-up value again, these have been reset.
– You can now right click the pet to setup values
– Diamond+ members now have sparkling member icons
– Updated all mystery boxes
– Changed the function of the scythe of vitur scroll. Unlocking this scroll will now boost your scythe’s accuracy and damage by 10%.
– Enchanted gloves now deal 25% recoil damage of the hit at a 20% chance.
– Sanguine twisted bow no longer hits 2 arrows but one.
– Added to fangs of Venenatis, claws of Callisto and skull of Veti’on to the announcements.
– Updated the alchemy table, removed some items and made other items harder.
– Enabled the hounds when killing Vet’ion and Calvar’ion.
– Added the Barrelchest, Zombies champion and Corrupted nechryarchs to the Krystillia boss tasks.
– When dying in the white portal at Ferox you now respawn inside the area.
– Added a new pet to the alchemy system (The Colossal flora pet).
– Added a new BIS corporeal beast spear to the alchemy system (The ethereal spear).

III. Vote boss

Whenever you have successfully claimed your vote you can now kill the Bloodthirsty abomination 5 times.
The pre-saved kills do not reset and stack, however you can only get 5 kills per successful vote once every 24H.

::voteboss now gives you the option to teleport to this new solo vote boss.

You have a 1/10 chance to spawn the superior version

Both bosses have brand new items and a collection log to complete!

IV. Wandering merchant rework

For many months the wandering merchant has been neglected, so the staff team decided to write up a very nice rework.
You can now only complete each task once per week, the rework tokens have been buffed for completing tasks.
You now receive a bonus of 6.500 tokens for completing all the tasks. We have also renamed the task names to make more sense.
We’ve also changed the set of items you have to exchange to fit the current economy.

New shop rewards (These items can only be purchased for a weekly limited amount):

V. Interface rework

I’ve gone ahead and gave some interfaces a visual rework.


VI. Combat rework

I would like to warn you before starting the post that the combat has received around a 70% nerf.
The current combat system exceeds what I had in mind for Elidinis to be a semi-custom OSRS based server.
The staff team and I have been working behind the scenes to better the combat system for the past two weeks.
What can you expect?

.1 Drastic decrease in max hits, we’re now ranging around 1.5/2x OSRS-max hit in each combat bracket.
We have also edited the hitpoints of each boss to mimic the new combat system, this includes raids.

.2 This opens up a wide variety of new custom pets, armour and weapons. Stay tuned for what are working on behind the scenes!

Here is a picture of me using each brackets somewhat BIS gear, please be-aware this is not completely BIS.


Kind regards,