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Bug fixes, QoL, Suggestions and Member zone upgrade

Posted by Patrick
February 10, 2024

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I. Bug fixes
II. QoL and suggestions
III. Member zone


I. Bug fixes

– The blood reaper slayer perks now only trigger when killing bosses.
– Made ancient godsword (e) only use 50% special attack.
– Fixed a item dupe when spam opening keys.
– Fixed COX collection log (Kodai insignia)
– Fixed a ground item visual bug.
– Elysians should no longer block vengeance damage.
– Fixed task trial points boost for ranking up.
– Fixed damage still counting for pkers when players leave the wilderness.
– Fixed 11 slayer monster teleports for non wilderness teleports.
– Fixed the item bonuses of the following items, they surpassed the OSRS bonuses.
– Fixed a bank pin serialization issue that caused errors and profile issues when opening the bank.
– Made all godwars bosses non aggro.


II. QoL and suggestions

– Added a antibot check for staff members.
– Reduced all superior boss timers from 3 minutes to one minute.
– Slayer unlocks are now toggleabl.
– You can now uncharge imbued rings for a 30M coin fee.
– Buffed trilogy boots item bonuses.
– You can now use a chisel on an empty tome of fire to get between 50 and 100 burnt pages.
– All shop amounts are now 100.000 this makes it, so you can buy up to 100.000 per purchase.
– Added a vial smash scroll in the slayer reward store for 500 slayer points.
– Updated daily task rewards and removed some old tasks and added some new tasks.
– Completing all daily tasks per category will now grant you a completion reward.
– Completing all easy tasks:

– 500k platinum tokens
– 2 5k blood money bags
– 1x key of drops

– Completing all med tasks:
– 1m platinum tokens
– 5 5k blood money bags
– 1x 35$ mystery box

– Completing all hard tasks:
– 2m platinum tokens
– 10 5k blood money bags
– 1x fortune ticket

– Completing all tasks
– 3m platinum tokens
– 1x mystery chest
– 1x exotic loot scroll

– All raids now scale hitpoints based on party size.
– The blood reaper perk now grants platinum tokens instead of coins.
– Blood money and blood tokens are no longer permitted in the trading post, you can now sell them.
– Boosted the salavian weaponry and armoury from 5% and 4% damage boost to 7% damage boost.
– The blowpipe attack distance has been changed from a maximum of 5 tiles to 7. Which means you can attack the vespula portal with a blowpipe.
– The slayer obelisk now spawns monsters in a spawn radius of 2 tiles instead of 8.
– The grand looting bag no longer triggers on npcs that are not your task.
– Animal lore beasts now have their own healing percentage. Starting at 3% for mole all the way up to 14% for Olm.
– Animal lore resources perk is now boosted based on your beast, the stronger the beast the more resources you get in return.
– The slayer obelisk now has a proper despawn timer, and the spawns are no longer player bound. Others can kill the bosses too.
– Sherlock now gives the option to complete one clue or all clues.
– Sherlock and other content that automatically takes currency from the inventory and bank now also take platinum tokens if you do not have enough coins.
– Added activity timers for all raid types, Vorkath, Alchemical hydra Zulrah and Fight caves.
– Trilogy boots and cape
– Pegasian, Eternal and Primordial boots (or)
– Added a new completionist cape called the completionist cape III, you need to have all achievements completed to wear it.
– This means that the completionist cape II has been moved down to 200 achievements completed.
– Added 100+ new achievements.
– The Elder wand now has the accuracy effect of the Tumekens shadow.
– The elder wand can now autocast spells.
– Added soulsplit and turmoil to the quick prayers.
– Bosses in member zones now count towards hotspot points.

III. Member zone

– Red topaz members can now use noted bones on altars.

– All member related monsters now drop member coins you can spent them in the shop at the beginner donator zone. Talk to Apprentice Felix to access this store.

– Added three QoL dzone teleport commands:
::sdz for sapphire
::rdz for Ruby
::ddz for dragonstone

– Added a lectern to all donator zones, you get free daily touches.
– Opal, Jade and Red topaz one per day.
– Sapphire, Emerald and ruby two per day.
– Diamond and Dragonstone three per day.
– Onyx four per day.
– Zenyte five per day.

– Added new member bosses, a specific Porazdir spawns every three hours. The Spawns rotate, each boss has it’s own rank requirement.

– Added a new members cave, the Lizardman and Hydra have a unique drop, the rest of the monsters will get a unique later.

– Added a shooting star too all member zones, you get free daily stardust by mining the star.
– Opal, Jade and Red Topaz members can mine 250 daily stardust.
– Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby members can mine 400 daily stardust.
– Diamond and Dragonstone members can mine 650 daily stardust.
– Onyx members can mine 800 daily stardust.
– Zenyte members can mine 1000 daily stardust.

– Cerberus, Zulrah and the Mini Basilisk in the member zones now drop loot for all players that did damage.