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Posted by Patrick
August 16, 2023

1.) Real World Trading (RWT):

  • Offering to Buy or Sell Elidinis GP/Items for anything else other then Elidinis Ingame Wealth is a serious offense. (Trolling about RWT is also an offense).
  • Buying graphics/images for anything Elidinis based with in-game currency is fine. (Feel free to check with a staff member in-game if you’re un-sure.)

2.) Scamming:

  • You cannot switch rules in the middle of a risk fight.
  • You cannot agree to risk a item you don’t have.
    Example -> Saying you’ll risk a bond that you haven’t yet purchased.
  • Loaning items is at your own risk. We will not assist in recovering lost items that are loaned.

3.) Macroing:

The auto-clicker rule only applies if you are AFK in any form. You are allowed to use an auto-clicker when you are active behind the screen.
With that being said; You are not allowed to actively play on one session and auto-click on another.

  • You cannot use any form of third party software. (This includes but is not limited to the following.)
  • Auto clickers
  • Ghost Mouse Programs
  • Auto Hotkey (1:1 actions are allowed.)

4.) Bug Abuse:

  • You cannot attempt to abuse any form of bugs.
  • Attempting to abuse anything you find, will not be tolerated and is a serious offense.
  • If you find a bug report it on Discord in the proper section.
  • Claiming to know dupes, abusing dupes or lying about dupes is a serious offense which will result in your account being permanently banned.

5.) DDoSing & DDoS Threats:

  • DDoSing, or threatening to DDoS, a player or the server is a serious offense and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  • Joking about DDoSing another player/server will resort to a UID/IP ban from the server. This also includes distributing a players or the server’s partial/full IP address and other similar information.

6.) Punishment Evasion:

  • All punishments are to be fully served before you are allowed to play Elidinis. (This includes playing with a new IP/UID.)
  • You cannot use other accounts to evade any form of punishment that you have received.
  • If you manage to log into the server without having an accepted appeal, please message a staff member and we can resolve the issue and put you in the right direction to writing a new appeal.
    This may look good on your next appeal.
  • You cannot help aid a player who is avoiding a punishment.
    Example -> Giving a player items with knowledge that they are evading.

7.) Advertising:

  • Advertising another server or anything similar that may damage our player base is not allowed under ANY circumstances.
  • You cannot advertise on other servers as that will attract negative attention towards Elidinis & may attract malicious attacks.
  • Mentioning other servers in a general conversation or as a comparison is fine.
  • If the conversation turns more towards an advertising stance, a staff member will step in. (This is entirely up to the staff member’s discretion.)

8.) Exposing Personal Information (DoXing):

  • You cannot release other player’s personal information without their permission. (This includes but is not limited to the following.)
  • Pictures
  • Real Names
  • IP Addresses
  • Home Addresses
  • E-Mail Addresses
  • Workplaces
  • Social Media Accounts

9.) PK Farming:

  • You cannot farm kills in any way. (This includes but is not limited to the following.)
  • Paying for kills.
  • Killing yourself on a different PC/IP.
  • Asking other players for free kills.

10.) False Reports & Accusations:

  • You cannot talk bad about any other member of Elidinis with false accusations.
  • You cannot falsely report other players.
  • If you report a player and were incorrect about something, that’s fine, but don’t go out of your way to report for no reason with the intent of something happening to someone.
  • You cannot lie to, or withhold the truth from a staff member.

11.) Selling & Gambling Accounts:

  • You cannot gamble or sell accounts.
  • If caught, the account(s) will be PERMANENTLY BANNED with no opportunity to appeal.
  • Any player(s) involved will be eligible for punishments.

12.) Hacking:

  • You cannot hack other player’s account(s).
  • If you give another player access to your account, that is at your own risk. Lost items will NOT be refunded.

13.) Account Services:

  • Account services are allowed, but are at your own risk. Lost items will NOT be refunded.

14.) Staff Impersonation:

  • You cannot claim to be a staff member when you are infact not.
  • Pretending to be a staff member for your own gain and benefit will not be tolerated.

15.) Risk Fighting:

  • Have a STAFF MIDDLE MAN or VIDEO EVIDENCE with a statement similar to “I agree to risk (Player Name) (X Items).”
  • Failing to do this causes more issues and fights will not be deemed a risk fight if this is not done.
  • If you agree to rules for a risk fight prior to a fight, you must follow them.
  • You cannot PJ a risk fight.
  • This includes just before, during, and after a risk fight.
  • You cannot stand under or run over a player’s risk fight.
  • You cannot deathmatch to gamble items. (This means fighting with no food, boxing, etc.)

16.) Flaming:

  • You cannot be racist or attempt to legitimately offend someone.
  • You cannot tell, or try to get, other players to harm themselves.
  • Banter is allowed, but not in yell or help CC.
  • If a staff member asks you to stop, then stop.

17.) Staff Disrespect:

  • This will not be tolerated. (Friendly banter is fine, but if asked to stop, then stop.)
    Remember, We’re here to help you and make the game better.

18.) Multi Voting:

  • You cannot use a VPN to multi-vote.
  • You cannot sit and reset your IP to multi-vote.
  • You cannot use Phone networks.
  • You are not allowed to boost votes in anyway possible.

19.) Donation Refunds (Chargebacks):

  • Any player that is found to illegitimately force a refund on their donation/purchases will not longer be welcome to play Elidinis.
  • “Chargeback” speculations and/or conspirations will not be tolerated and will be taken seriously with proper courses of actions.


Punishment’s for each offense will be served on a case by case basis.
If you do receive a punishment, you must make a ticket on Discord before the punishment can be lifted.